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Springtime Fun

at home with the parkers.jpg
At Home With The Parkers

I'm about to run off to my second of three sessions this week so today's post is short and sweet. I couldn't help but share two adorable pictures of our darling boy Jonathan. Oh I just love him so! I think these might be the most adorable Easter photos ever taken, but I might be a little biased:). As a photographer sometimes it can be hard to remember to take photos of our family. Sometimes my camera means "work" and when I'm with family I just want to be. Othertimes I'm so busy living in the moment that I forget to actually capture it. I'm learning to walk the line between documenting our life and enjoying the moments together. For me these images are not about pretty (though I do my best to capture our family in the best way possible!) It's about storing away little treasures here and there. Stealing moments, stopping time. Because come next year this little boy will be gone, replaced with an older, wiswer (yet still adorable) version. 

So today I'm sharing my treasures with you. Keepsakes of such a dear time in life. Gosh that smile right there just melts my Mama heart.... Happy Tuesday everyone!!

at home with the parkers.jpg