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At Home With The Parkers

The Toddler Named Jonathan

He'll probably hate me for taking these pictures one day, but I couldn't help it! Bathtime has quickly become one of our favorite activities of the day, often followed by a tickle chase around the house. It's in these moments I feel the greatest amount of joy. There is no work, no emails, no distractions. This our time together, a chance to reconnect, relax, discover, play. 

Maybe it's because I'm feeling sentimental as Jonathan's 2nd birthday fast approaches or perhaps it's because I feel "guilty" for not taking more pictures of him. Whatever the resaon, I decided to grab my camera during bathtime the other night. We splashed and giggled and had a grand old time. I was lucky enough to have Jonathan look at me for a few split seconds and grabbed these images while being splished and splashed and getting completely soaked. It was!

These days I am acutely aware of just how fast time goes. Jonathan is quickly outgrowing every piece of clothing that he owns, seemingly overnight. One day, after only speaking  a few words here and there, he began speaking in sentences. He cries when Papa leaves for work and gives the best hugs when he returns. His hair grows and grows and is turning a light shade of red and blonde. He is obsessed with all things trucks and calls out for "Ah-Boo", the doggy at his daycare. He is turning into a little man over night and I am just not prepared. I want him to stay little forever. 

But despite the growing pains I'm feeling as a Mom, I know that these are all wonderful things. It is what is supposed to happen and if nothing else, I pray that I continue to cherish every moment, in all of his stages. The good, the bad and the toddlerly. 

It's funny how something so simple as a blog can be a way to remember. I can think back to all the posts I wrote here, from announcing our pregnancy, to delivering Jonathan, to raising a baby and now living in toddlerland. I can remember exactly how I felt when I wrote each post and marvel at just how much I've grown through this experience of being a Mom. I love having this space to talk with those who visit, to share in my experience and to walk through life together. My blog isn't just a place for pretty pictures and wedding advice. It's also a chronicle, a time capsule if you will, of this life and I'm really grateful for that! Thank you for walking this journey with me and for being their to support our family!

So wil you indulge me as I share a few updated pictures of Jonathan, during our favorite time of day?:) I know you will...because he's just the cutest!