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Making The Leap To Full Time Part I


Stepping Out In The Direction Of Your Dreams

When I first decided to make the leap to become full time wedding photographer I was scared.

No, petrified. I was leaving all that I knew and all that I had worked SO hard for. I went to college and studied to become a news photographer. After school, I spent five years working nights and weekends, covering everything from floods to funerals, courtrooms to football. I won awards and accolades and over time the newsroom became my home. When I found myself giving my two weeks notice to leave my job and chase after my dream, I couldn’t believe it. What was I doing?!

My heart was screaming “Follow Your Dreams” but my rational side was pulling me back. How could I make a living as a wedding photographer? It’s too risky. Your news job is safe. This is where you belong. Stay.

But I knew better. The call to follow my dream was stronger than any rational fear I could conjured up. Sometimes we can get stuck in the back and forth of “should I or shouldn’t I.” We end up never making a decision for fear of what might be. We sit in our discomfort and restlessness and yet never do anything about it.

  1. Do one thing today that leads you in the direction of your goal. I can be a small, simple step. Break free of the “should I or shouldn’t I” and take an actionable step today that will have a tangible impact on your future.
  2. Find help to stay accountable to your goals. Be vulnerable with someone you trust. Confide in someone who will push you to take action steps, who will be candid with you in the journey and who will hold you accountable to the things you are chasing after.

Maybe you need to flesh out your dream, or figure out the costs of pursuing something so risky. Maybe you just need encouragement that, IT IS OK to start something small, different or unsure. Start today. Share you dream with someone you trust. Take an actionable step outside of the “should I or shouldn’t I” mind trap. You may just look back five years later and marvel at how far a simple step towards your goal could take you!

In my next Tips with DZP, I'll be sharing a few tips on how I made the leap from part time to full time wedding photographer and business owner (jumping out of the "should I or shouldn't I" and head first into my dream!) If you have any questions or would like to see a thought addressed in that post, please leave a comment below! I'd love to tailor the content to your questions and thoughts!

Now get out there and DO something!