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4 Ways to Market Your Business with Pinterest

4 Ways To Market Your Business with Pinterest by Deborah Zoe Photography.
4 Ways To Market Your Business with Pinterest by Deborah Zoe Photography.

Oh Pinterest, where do I begin? You cause me to stay up at late, pinning all the foods. I spend hours searching through thousands of images, looking for the inspiration that will spark my creative juices. And I'm not alone. Millions of users are searching Pinterest every day for their own snippet of inspiration, including Brides. Pinterest is a huge marketing area for photographers, especially those who photograph weddings. There is a huge opportunity here to share your work, connect with Brides to Be and to serve your very own clients!

There are lots of ways that you can use Pinterest with your business, as for me I like to keep things simple. There are 4 distinct ways that I use Pinterest for my business which I'm sharing here today. Use Pinterest in the way that best suits your business and your clients, but bottomline...start utilizing this social media outlet! Pinterest is growing and doesn't have any signs of slowing down!

1. Share Your Portfolio 

One simle way to use Pinterest to market your business is to share your images in a Portfolio style pinboard. Have a favorite image? Share it here. Collect images from your blog or website that link directly back to your sites and push traffic towards you. As new images are posted update your Pinboard. Starting out from scratch may seem like a daunting task but once you've laid the groundwork, updating this board will easy and a simple part of your workflow.

2. Inspiration Boards x2

In addition to a Portfolio style pinboard you can use your own images to create an inspiratoin board for clients and Brides searching Pinterest. Inspiration boards curated with your own images allows you to showcase your own photography while providing desired inspiration for the Bride to be. Additionally it gives your audience something to follow and garner excitement for your next pin to be shared. 

You can also create inspiration boards for your own clients to evoke style and inspiration for your booked shoots. I've implemented this technique this past year for portrait and engagement sessions. It gives both myself and my clients a place to gather inspiration and to curate a vision and style for each shoot. This has been a game changer for my sessions by communicating visually the type of images I desire to create wtih my clients. Do you have a unique vision in mind for your next engagement, portrait or styled session? Use Pinterest to visually communicate your creative perspective to clients, models, vendors and any one else involved!

3. Submit to Blogs

Blogs love to share their content on Pinterest and so do their readers. One sure fire way to get content sharing on Pinterest is to have your work featured on a publication. Style Me Pretty, Heart Love Always & Elizabeth Anne Designs are just three publications that do a great job of sharing and promoting curated content on Pinterest. Sharing content with blogs not only ensures your work is seen on the blog post but throughout Pinterest, which means many eyes are seeing your name and your beautiful images!

4. Description & Keywords

To ensure that your content is found in searches be sure to use detailed descriptions and apporpriate keywords with your images. Photograph a wedding on the coast of Maine in the fall? Describe that scene. Use your description to thoughtful caption your image with the scene and theme of your image as well as any vendors or venues who are invovled. Brides are using Pinterest for their much of their wedding planning needs and are constantly searching specific descriptive words related to their visionf for their day. Use descriptions and keywords in the caption of your Pinterest images to make it easy for potential Brides to find your images quickly and easily!


I use Pinterest for my own personal use too. It's a super fun way for me to connect personally with friends, loved ones and clients alike. I love seeing what others are pinning and finding new and inspiring content through their feeds. The great thing about Pinterest is that it's a tool for connection!

As with any marketing that you do, make sure that there is a purpose behind it all. For me my desire is to celebrate marriage and family through timeless fine art photography while providing my clients an incredible experience. With that in mind, I can direct my marketing efforts in a purposeful and authentic way, this includes the use of Pinterest. 

I hope that today's post has been encouraging and given you a fresh perspective on how you can better use Pinterest to market your business. Do you have a question on marketing with Pinterest OR an awesome  technique that you use with Pinterest?  Feel free to share in the comments! Happy Tuesday!