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15 Goals in 2015

Self Portraits-Me Shooting-0141.jpg
Self Portraits-Me Shooting-0141.jpg

Yesterday I took time to think about and reflect upon the past year. What a year it was! But if I'm being completely honest, I think there was a little part of me that was ready to say goodbye to the year that was and jump heard first into the year that is. 

I know I probably sound like some sort of cliche, but I very much wanted to take the things that I learned in 2014 and begin applying them in 2015. I wanted to start stretching myself and my business in new ways. The new year seemed like the perfect start for that. 

My friend Anna loves goal setting, especially at the start of the New Year. She's always an encouragement to me on looking ahead, moving forward and never settling. This year Anna has organized a small group to hold each other accountable for our dreams and goals in 2015. And to get a proper start, I figured I should pull together some actual goals for the year! 

Which brings me to today. I am sharing 15 of my personal, business and creative goals in 2015. I'm a firm believer that you are more likely to accomplish, achieve and grow when your goals, visions and dreams are shared into the world. Keeping it to yourself does nothing, but sharing with others is empowering. And encouraging. And also terrifying.

Do you have any goals or dreams for this New Year? What are you looking forward too, how do you want to grow, learn and thrive?  I hope post inspires you to make a list of your own. Share that goal list with a trusted friend and hold each other accountable. Make things happen in 2015!  You can do it, now let's get started!

15 Goals in 2015

1.  Create a more tangile experience.

There will be lots more on this in the coming months, I promise! At the end of 2014 I sat down at my local Starbucks for the afternoon and dove head on into my business. What worked, what didn't. One of the bigs things I walked away with from that time was a desire to create a more tangible experience for my clients. I want my client's images to come alive on the page of an album or in a matted print. I want clients to know what it feels like to see their favorite images hanging on their wall or the joy of sharing a wedding album with a future daughter or son. There's so much to be said here, but for now this is the direction I see myself walking more and more towards. 

2. Learn Kelvin.

This is for all you camera nerds out there. Clients who are reading this are probably like "what the what?" But one of my goals this year is to try to learn Kelvin and incorporate that into my shooting workflow. Do I really want to learn Kelvin, well no, not really. I hate the technical side of photography and the idea of learning a new technique is very overwhelming. Ironic, I know. But if it will make me a better photographer with a more consistent editing workflow, that's reason enough for me.

3. Revamp the website. 

There used to be a thought, is it still a thought? That the less information you put on your website the better. I never really took to that idea and could never understand why that was a good idea in the first place. I've always strived to provide clients with the pertanent information that they need and strive to continue to do so in the new year. My hope is to revamp the website to provide even more information in a new and organized way. No big changes, but hopefully small and meaningful ones.

4. A Space.

As many of you have followed along this past year, you know that I have a home office as well as a shared meeting space in Boston. Both spaces have worked really well for me this past year. However, looking ahead (several years) I want to have a space that is entirely my own, seperate from personal life and dedicated to DZP & meeting clients. What that looks like exactly, well I'm not sure. Do we convert our diningroom into a meeting space? Do I find a space outside of the home? Do I share that space with other vendors? I'd love to answer these questions this year with an action plan on how to move forward toward the end of the year. Will you help me stay accountable to that?

5. Incorporate film.

When I first began my journey in photography everything was film. I learned photography in a darkroom, a real darkroom, with chemicals and enlargers and developer. But as a news photographer right out of college, where the entire staff used digital cameras, working with film was obsolete. And I took that mentality with me into my business. I shoot 100% digital currently, but my hope is to incorporate more and more film into my photography. I love the look and feel of film, the emotions it stirs up, the fine detail. Will I be offering it as part of DZP services, not just yet. Right now this is more of a personal journey but after much trial and error, we'll see where it goes!

6. Portraits.

I elluded to this yesterday, but I'm incredibly excited to incorporate more portrait work in 2015. I loved my portrait clients from this past year and the amazing sessions we had together. I realised that I love this part of my business and while weddings are and will continue to be the meat and potatoes of DZP, I wanted portraits to have a place of their own too. My dream is to create beautiful and artistic portraiture for my clients in ways that stretch me as a photographer.

7. Social Media I

First and foremost I hope to make less of social media in 2015 in my personal life. I hop on Facebook when I'm bored. I mindlessly scroll through Instagram. It's a total waste of time and I really need to get that under control. I let the lives other people soak too deeply into my own reflection of life. Beautiful instagram photos does not a perfect life make, Debbie. Less social media, more appreciating life right in front of me. 

8. Social Media II

The flip of that is that, I would like to be better at sharing on social media. I want to create thoughtful and curated content that encourages conversation. Content that encourages others, that leaves people better. Content that doesn't discourage or brag or portray a perfected life. How do you do that? How do you balance that line? 2015 is for figuring that out.

9. Print feature. 

The end of 2014 brought great news that I had my first full length print feature in Southern New England Weddings magazine! This was a huge accomplishment for my business and I'm still on cloud nine. My hope in 2015 is to have another print feature, maybe more than just one! Truly the aim of this goal is not to just accrue feature after feature but rather to stretch and push myself and chase after dreams that are and scary. Here's to that!

10. Host A Workshop.

This past fall I hosted a workshop for DZP shooters and assistants. In short it was amazing. The give and take we all received by being a part of the day was incredible. To be able to encourage other business owners and photographers, to inspire and equip them is something I hope I can do more of in the future this year. This isn't a "Hey everyone come and see what I know," type deal. I truly want a workshop that lifts people up and that equips them to do the same. 

11. Travel abroad.

Dave and I have the travel bug, badly. With our many friends that live all across the world the heart strings are calling. I'm not sure where travel will take us this year but I would absolutely love to see us traveling abroad, experiencing new cultures and seeing new places. That's where my hearts at, we'll see where God takes us!

12. Decorate our home.

I realize that this might sound like a silly goal. But I love decorating, organizing and simplifying. Call it a hobby I guess. The heart of this goal is to organize and simply our life, starting at home. I also want to create a space that is entirely ours, a place where Dave and Jonathan feel at rest, a haven of sorts. I want our home to be place that inspires us as a family together!

13. Speak on Business and Family.

My heart was set afire this past year with regards to family and business. I really want to see others thriving in their family and business life. I want to encourage and equip others to build businesses that reflect their core values, where they can exceptionally serve their clients while loving their families. My heart is for other woman but of course this idea applies to anyone who desires to find more balance in their life and business!

14. Stop Comparing. 

This is a hard one to put out there. But I compare myself to others...all.the.time. I'm not a good enough wife, mom, business owner, photographer, you name it, I'll complare myself to it. It's just not healthy and has to stop. We each have our own unique set of skills and personalities that contribute beautifully to this world and that includes me. Help me stay accountable to this one, will you?

15. Rest. 

I'm 100% guilty of feeling guilty anytime I "stop" or take a moment for myself or my family. I always feel this tug and pull to keep doing, to keep going, to keep pushing. In 2015 I want to keep growing yes, but I also want to take time out of life to soak it all in. To rest the soul and quiet the mind. Seems to be a theme throughout my goals, of simpliying and staying small. I hope that I can allow myself moments of quiet throughout the year to experience the joy of my family, the peace of God and the healthfulness of resting the body. This might be the hardest goal I have set for the year... 

What are you looking forward to in 2015? What are you goals and dreams for the year? I'd love for you to share...let's keep each other accountable to the things we are working towards! Happy New Year everyone!