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Weekend Travels

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Destination Portraits Sessions in New York City

To say I'm excited about this weekend it just a bit of an understatement! Dave and I are headed to NYC and Brooklyn (sans baby!!) for weekend away with dear friends and a few portrait sessions!! (And hopefully brunch too!) 
New York City and I have had a stormy relationship over the years. I first fell in love when my Mom and I started taking our yearly trips to see Broadway shows over February vacation. We did this trip so many times that I have countless Playbills of the many shows we attended. I cherished this time and for that reason, New York City is a very sentimental place for me. Then there were the many times our school visited in high school on band trips. And in college when we would take the Fung Wah bus down to visit friends attending university. I even applied to NYU, dreaming of living in the Big Apple one day. But there were the years that I hated the city. I hated how big it was. It was loud and dirty and busy. I'd leave vowing never to return. But that's the secret of New York, it never really quite leaves you. And all those cliche songs and sayings about New York are true. The city is magical, a buzz about it that leaves you captivated and always returning. And though we've had our shares of up and downs together, I'm so excited about returning this weekend with the hubs!! 
The REASON for heading down south is for TWO destination portrait sessions!! First a maternity session for my dear friends Courtney and Dave who are expecting their first little one later this year!! Then we'll be heading to Central Park for Sarah and Justin's engagement session!! I absolutely LOVE traveling so when I get to travel for work well that's just the best. Being able to travel with my best friend and hubby -- icing on the cake!! 
Today we're packing up gear and getting ready to head out tomorrow. Be sure to follow our adventures throughout the city over on Instagram (plus see a few sneak peeks of our shoots as they happen!!) If you're in the NYC area and are interested in a mini portrait session I've opened up ONE slot on Monday!! Email me at for more details!!east coast road trip deborah zoe photography new england wedding photographer business road trip 00431.JPG