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Our Home

One Year House-versary!!

Wholly molly, has it really been OVER one whole year since we closed and moved into our home?! It really feels like yesterday we were packing up our cherished first home, getting ready to move into a dream home. I still can't believe how it all came together (that's a blog post in of itself!) and that we survived being homeless for a week, with four month old and all. It was a crazy time as a family but look at us now, happily settling into this wonderful place! 
I think what I love most about our home is that it FEELS like home. If given the chance to go out or stay at home we'll most likely take the stay at home option. I never really thought we'd become the home body type, but we cherish the time we spend together as a family here. My favorite place is our front porch. We recently purchased two adirondack chairs that now sit out front. Nothing is better than sharing a glass of wine with my hubby after the babe has gone to bed, recapping our days while sitting in these chairs. We've made many happy memories here, I cannot wait to create many more together.  
I REALLY wanted to do a recap post of all the amazing nooks and crannies that we have decorated over this past year. But really the biggest thing that we have done to date was paint. With a smaller budget and minimal time to decorate we definitely don't have much to share...yet! Regardless, I'm proud of all we have accomplished in our home so far and it makes me REALLY excited for some projects we're throwing around for the future!! 
My hope and dream for this house is that it will be a welcoming place. More than just a building, we hope it's' a place where people feel at ease, relaxed and cherished. My heart is to be a good host and while I'm not always the best at it, this house has allowed me to stretch my welcoming muscles and we've been blessed to see many faces enter through our front door! We hope many more people will be hosted here in the years to come!! 
And because I know a blog post really isn't anything without pictures, here are a few of our house one year later. We need your help though, what project should be tackle next? Any designing advice to share?! We could use all the help we can get!! We're thinking of adding board and batten...what do you think?:) I'd love any advice that helps make this house feel more like a farm house:):)!! 
GA8A5452.jpgGA8A5511.jpgGA8A5531.jpgGA8A5533.jpgGA8A5539.jpgGA8A5517.jpgGA8A5449.jpgYou can view other home projects here. Enjoy!