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Jonathan's First Year

Parker Family-Photographer Favorites-0020.jpg
Our Own Family Session

I can't believe that it was almost TWO months ago that our dear friend Coco came over for a morning of hangout and picture taking. She has spent the greater part of a year documenting Jonathan's life and I couldn't be more grateful for the gift that she has given us. Coco has stopped time for us and I cherish being able to look back to when Jonathan was just a little babe on the front step of our first home and now a year older and with a lot more hair, toddling around in our new home.  
We really wanted a session that showed us at home, in a relaxed environment and that captured who we are in every day life. Coco took what I love most about us and brought it forth in her images. These photos make my heart sing! Just us having fun with the little guy we love so much. I hope that my images bring as much joy to my own clients as Coco has given our little family!! 
Of course you know I can't keep them all to myself!! Here are just a few of our favorites from our 1 year session with Coco. Feel free to melt into a puddle after you see the adorable toddler-ness:)! Enjoy some cute baby feet to star your Tuesday off right:)!! 
Parker Family-Photographer Favorites-0002.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0003.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0004.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0006.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0008.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0009.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0010.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0011.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0012.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0014.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0016.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0020.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0022.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0024.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0025.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0027.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0028.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0029.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0030.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0031.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0032.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0033.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0034.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0035.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0036.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0037.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0040.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0044.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0046.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0047.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0048.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0051.jpgParker Family-Photographer Favorites-0052.jpg

by Deborah Parker