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Are You Rested?

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On Saturday night, though exhausted, Dave and I went out for a date. My parents graciously offered to babysit and I managed to pull myself off the couch after a long day of errands and editing. I was tired, I didn't want to go, but we both knew that if we had babysitters we better take advantage!! 

We ended up having a night out close to home, nothing fancy, heading to a local clam shack for some Americana and beer. While poking at our fish and my quickly disappearing margarita, I blurted out, "Do you just feel TIRED? Ya know, just burn't out?" Dave responded with a sigh, "Yes. It feels like we are going from one thing to the next. Oh and we never get to sleep in." Ha, how true THAT is.  

All jokes aside, he was right. This time of year marks a busy season for both of us. I begin working what I call "insane" hours. Up early and to bed late. We both are working hard while taking care of a baby, a home and trying to see friends and family. So no wonder we feel as if we are going from one thing to the next! Are you in the same boat too? I have a feeling we are not alone, I hope! Busy, tired, being pulled from all directions? We all lead very busy and full lives. Often filled with very GOOD things but filled nonetheless. 

My thought originally for this post was to talk about the importance of sleep in our marriages. How getting sleep not only helps to bring life to our bodies but to our marriages as well. We love, fight and live together more fully when we have our 8 hours of shut eye. But all this talk about sleep lead me to start thinking about REST. Rest for our souls, rest for our minds, rest for our spirits.  

How do all of those things directly effect our relationship with our spouses? With the lack of restorative REST these last few months, I can see a direct correlation between my relationship with Dave. I'm more quick to snap a retort, to be impatient, more prone to arguing, frustration and irritability. It's just driven home the point that even in our busy seasons of life, its so incredibly important for us to take time to REST together. We desperately need that time to regroup, refresh and reevaluate. It's not always easy to find that time, but it is so incredibly important.  

Parker Family-Photographer Favorites-0042.jpg
Parker Family-Photographer Favorites-0042.jpg

So I ask the question today, are you rested? No, not just your prescribed 8 hours of sleep, but I mean RESTED. Can you carve out an afternoon, a day, a weekend to spend with each other? Can you take a few hours for yourself to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life? What are the things that bring you joy, that help you relax, that help you rest? It doesn't have to be fancy, extravagant or time consuming but make the investment in your relationships and sneak away, even just for a moment. I promise you, it will do wonders for your relationship and offer joyful rewards for years to come!Thank you to the lovely Coco of Krista Photo for capturing us "resting" in our home:) See more adorable pictures HERE!