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My Photography Wishlist

As you already know, I recently started the task of redoing my home office space. Part of the desk has arrived, the walls are painted and some decor has been hung. Just that little change alone has begun to inspire and refresh me in ways that I never anticipated. The space is not even finished yet and already I feel rejuvenated. It's amazing what a can of paint can do! 
Part of that rejuvenation is a rekindled desire to grow as a photographer. We all want to grow, but the day in, day out, tasks of running a small business can often impede on the creativity and artistic veins that drive us as creatives. My soul craves the arts and I realized that I just simply need more of that in my life. So I decided to surround myself with things that inspire me, images that make me crave something, images that make me feel something, images that push me as a photographer. Part of that comes through Pinterest.  
I created what I call my Photography Wishlist. My friend Emilia does something similar on Twitter through a series called Wedding Wishlist. Using social media in this manner is great way to share the things that inspire you while creating an outlet to connect with clients who share that same vision. Since I adore Pinterest, I used that to share with the world the idea, places, people and things that inspire me. Just looking at this pin board fires me up and makes me swoon. I hope that it connects with others too and begins us on a path of creativity together. I'm also a firm believer in putting things out there and so I collected images that represent the places I want photography to take me and the types of images I want to create.  
I write this all to say there is something very powerful about creating outlets for inspiration and creativity our lives. As photographers and creatives we should always be striving to grow and learn, to stretch ourselves and improve upon our craft. However you are inspired, take a few moments this week to seek it out. Find ways to surround yourself with those things every week, every day. Let it seep into the way that you see the world. Then go, create. pinspiration.jpgpinspiration2.jpgpinspiration4.jpg