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Jonathan's First Year

10 Months Old

Jonathan, the boy who never naps, is quietly trying to fall asleep in his crib amongst all this toys. Had I known this is all it would take....;) 
That's our boy though, never sitting down, always on the go. He can now comfortable sit, stand and crawl which means new found freedom and new discoveries to be had, even if it's just the spice cabinet or the pantry. I spend my days chasing him around the house. He's full on boy and I love every inch of him! 
This month we've had a few bumps in the road, including two rounds of illness. Jonathan has handled it like a champ but it's left me pretty happy to say goodbye to month ten. His red hair continues to grow in and now stands tall at the top of his head. He's long and lean and just about the biggest baby I know.  
Today, someone told me that I am a "seasoned" mum. Far from it, but I am certainly no longer in the newbie stage. As friends and clients reveal the happy news that they are expecting I find myself reflecting on just how far Jonathan and I have come together. From belly, to birth, to sleepless nights to baby teeth and fuzzy hair, we've seen a lot together. It's amazing to think just how much can change in the course of a year. And while I certainly don't have it all "figured out", I'm thankful for the experiences and ways that Jonathan has grown me as a person over this past year. What an honor it is to be him Mom! 
Happy 10 month birthday little one! 
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by Deborah Parker