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Sick Day

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The Flu of 2014

I had a full blogging schedule, a full to do list and one toddling baby to take care of this week. But on Saturday, right before I was to shoot my first wedding of the 2014 I felt HORRIBLE. I had been feeling ill since our trip to Chicago, but had started to feel better the day before. Yet as midday came around on Saturday I knew things where not on the mend. The day wore on I got worse and worse. Praise God I was able to make it through only to come home and find out I was running a fever, suffering from the worst case of chills and was sick as a dog. Saturday turned into Sunday, Sunday into Monday, Monday into Tuesday. I didn't leave the bed and if I did, I made my way straight to the couch which led me straight back to our bed again.  
What is a small business owner and Mom to do when they are sick?! Have an incredible support team. My hubby, my parents and our lovely babysitter, all helped to take care of Jonathan while I slept or brought me my computer so I could answer a few emails and write a blog post about how I've been sick;).  
I'm feeling so much better today, ready to take on that to do list and run after our kiddo. Plus I'm learning all over again what it means to take things with a touch of grace, things don't always have to go as planned and that is ok.  
I'll be sharing a LOVELY winter wedding with you soon but for today, I'm calling it a blogging sick day;)! Have a great Wednesday everyone and remember take your meds... salvage one chicago wedding photographer deborah zoe photography west town antique wedding.jpgImage from the LOVELY Chicago wedding I had the pleasure of second shooting with Emilia Jane (see her amazing new site and post here.)