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Goodbye For the Holidays

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Taking A Short Hiatus

It's almost Christmas, can you believe it?! I'm am SO excited for my favorite holiday because this year we get to experience it through the eyes of our darling baby boy. I'm sure he'll enjoy the wrapping paper and boxes more than the actual presents we bought him but nevertheless I cannot wait to wake him up at the crack of dawn (more likely he'll wake us up), run down stairs and experience Christmas Day in a whole new way!! 
Earlier this month I posted on Facebook a challenge of sorts to myself. I questioned if I should take a short hiatus at the end of this year from things like social media. After all, we've been through a lot this year and in full honesty, I'm a little tired. 
I want to make the most of these precious moments we have together at the end of this year. So instead of blogging I'll be playing in the snow, going on a date with my husband and eating copious amounts of chocolate with good friends and family. I'm practically giddy about it!! 
Once again, I'm so grateful to all of you who stop by and visit the blog each day and who take the time to interact and comment. It truly means the world to me!! I want this blog to not just be a place where I write but where you can come to join in the conversation. My goal every day is to write here so as to encourage and equip you and I plan to continue to do just that in the New Year!!  
Adios friends it's been a WONDERFUL year, I'll see you in 2014!!CFB_3322-Edit.jpgThis is our family Christmas photo, thanks to my lovely and dear friend (and amazing photographer!) Coco. We love you lady, especially Jonathan!!