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December Self Portrait

deborah zoe photography personal portrait series decemeber.jpg

Is it truly December? Is the New Year really around the corner? Excuse me a moment as I take a deep breath. This year has been a WHIRLWIND. We were pregnant, gave birth, we sold a home, bought another, we moved. And yet it feels like it all happened to someone else. Sometimes I look back on my Instagram feed just to remind myself, that YES, all those distant memories, those are mine. Those things really happened to us. They are all good and wonderful things, but they truly made this year seem like the blink of an eye.  
Typically with my self portrait series I like to list my goals and dreams for the next month, but I'm going to be honest here. I don't really want to plan for the next month!! I going to take these next few weeks to REST and focus on the things that truly matter, one of them being that adorable baby boy flying through the air below;).  
I'm so grateful for all this year has brought. We've had some major life changes but changes that have brought so much JOY to our lives. I simply cannot remember what it was like WITHOUT our baby (I probably got a lot more sleep) and while it's not always sunshine, kittens and rainbows, life is five thousand million trillion times more full and lovely with our family of three than it was as just us two.  
(gah, those chubby baby hands!) 
This month's self portrait is brought to you by my lovely husband who came home early so that I could photograph an event this past Tuesday (yes, in a snow storm...) I tried to relish the moment that I've been walking delicately between as Mom and entrepreneur. I'm still learning but on Tuesday afternoon, I had a few sweet moments where the two balanced together. It was delicious.  
I hope you're all having a lovely week leading up to Christmas. And I sincerely hope you find a moment of respite, peace and joy in these last few days of 2013!deborah zoe photography personal portrait series decemeber.jpg