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Photography Bucket List

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Dreaming Big

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing a dear friend and fellow photographer, Emilia, and catching up over dinner. Since she lives in Chicago it's a rare treat that we get to see one another face to face, most of the time we spend texting or chatting on Skype. But last night over drinks and delicious food we talked life and business. And I felt incredibly challenged. In a good way. 
As the night wore on we chatted about our goals and dreams. I blurted out that I wanted to travel, I wanted to photograph couples all across the country and the world. And to me it was just a throw away thought, but Emilia pushed me. "Why don't you blog about it?!" 
Sometimes you need a friend, someone on the outside, who can look at the bigger picture, see the things you can't see, believe in you when you don't. That's just what Emilia did for me last night. So, in that vein, that I'm putting it out there : My Photography Bucket List. The places that I just can't wait to photograph happy couples in love.... 
Paris -- I traveled here when I was a teenager with my parents and a piece of my heart has stayed there. I am intoxicated with dreams of going back...photographing a couple in the city? Be still my heart... 
London -- Perhaps it's because I'm from New England (oh hey Pilgrims!!) but I feel a deep connection with our friends across the pond. I've been here twice and I'm just itching for a reason to return!! Let's make it happen, k?! 
Scotland -- You know that movie Brave? Well they fashioned my hair after Merida's...kidding. I'm part Scottish and I have always wanted to try and trace my family roots to this lovely part of the world. Plus ever since the latest Bond movie I've been dying to place a couple in one of those sweeping valleys!! 
Sonoma -- Dave and I first traveled to Sonoma and Napa Valley two years ago as part of a photography workshop. I never knew just how much I wold love this part of the country. It is simply incredible!! 
Chicago -- Oh the Windy City, how I adore you!! Besides Boston, Chicago is my favorite city in the country. The fresh, upbeat, urban vibe, coupled with the historic architecture is a photographer's dream backdrop!! Please, oh, please get married in Chicago and hire me to photograph your wedding:)! 
Miami -- I've traveled to South Beach but never into Miami, and even that was only a day trip. I would absolutely love to capture a couple in this WARM and beautiful part of the world!! 
Salzburg -- I simply fell in love with Austria ever since Julia Andrews sang her way through those hills. There is just something so utterly romantic about this city and I have grand dreams of capturing a wedding here. 
Austin -- Y'all, can we just talk about how awesome Austin is and how amazing it would be to have a cowboy boot glad couple to photograph there? 
HAWAII!! -- Dave and I were lucky enough to have a "second" honeymoon of sorts in Hawaii three years ago. And every year since I've practically begged Dave to take me back. Some day we'll make it there and I hope that I'll be able to photograph a Bride and Groom along the beach, at sunset, with palms trees swaying in the background...and my heart melting. 
I hope to be able to travel and explore the world in the next several years and these are just SOME of the places I want to visit and WORK in!! This is just a short list, but why not start here! If you're wondering why I'm putting here on the blog, well why NOT put it out there? Keeping those dreams to myself does no good, but putting it out into the universe, well there's power in that. Who knows if I'll ever photograph in those places, but I sharing my dreams with you here. You never know... 
Now whose getting married here?!:) deborah zoe photography photography bucket list.jpg