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2013 Wedding Season

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What A Year It Has Been!

Oh, 2013, what a wild ride you've been. I was pregnant, had a baby, ran a business, took care of a baby, photographed 11 weddings and numerous portrait and engagement sessions, and generally just tried to stay on top of it all. In May as I surveyed what the rest of my year was going to look like I was intimidated. I had no idea how I was going to survived the wedding season as a new mom. How would I navigate this new territory? Would I be up for the challenge?  
Now, on the other side of those questions, I can confidently say, yes I can, but with a LOT of help. This year was a challenge, a great and wonderful challenge, but a challenge none the less. And without the support of amazing family and friends as well as the amazing couples I had the opportunity to photograph this year, none of it would have happened. I was welcomed in, with open arms and open hearts, by each couple and it made my job extremely joy filled. 
As I poured out my heart to them, they poured out their support and love right back, often asking about my baby, my hubby, my life. I can't explain to you what it means to not only be counted as a wedding photographer but as a friend. I'm so grateful for the couples who not only care about what I do, but who I am. That is INCREDIBLE. 
Looking back at each of these couples I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. I am grateful to know each one of these people and to have been a part of such incredible days. I probably sound like a ball of cheese but I don't care. I overwhelmed with thankfulness for this business and the people I get to meet along the way. 
To all who made 2013 such an magical year, thank you!!deborah zoe photography year end 2013 weddings new england weddings.jpgI like to take a selfie with each couple I work with and here are my 2013 couples!! (Minus two, which happened to fall during the epic iPhone debacle of 2013...)