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It's Moving Day

Parker Family-Parker Family-0154.jpg

Saying Goodbye and Moving On

So remember a while back I eluded to a BIG thing happening in our family? Well that big thing was SELLING OUR HOME. By now, most of you know that we were in the throws of selling and packing up our home earlier this month (and what seemed like the majority of the summer). With the close of our precious first house tomorrow, we prepare and wait for next Monday when we officially move into our new home.  

Prepare and wait means that we move everything out of our home today and technically become homeless for a week. Luckily we have amazing family and friends who have kindly and graciously invited us into their home for the week. Plus I have a wedding down in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island on Friday so we took the opportunity to spend two days there together as a family while I worked and Dave did a little bit of work remotely.  

This is going to be a trying week for us. For me I have to mentally wrap my head around running a business without a proper office OR HOME all while I simultaneously I try to take care of our son. Dave must keep track of his work and commute from a new place almost daily to his job. Lots of prayers and an abundant amount of patience and grace is what is going to get us through. Plus living with friends who have a pool doesn't hurt either;). 

Parker Family-Parker Family-0154.jpg

Parker Family-Parker Family-0154.jpg

I promise to share LOTS of pictures of the new house and my ideas and dreams for this home. But for now here is one last picture of our little bungalow cape taken by my dear friend and fabulous photographer Coco.I'm incredibly sad to leave. Incredibly sad. This is the home we brought our baby home to. This is our FIRST house. But I know that there are things waiting for us in our new house, in our new town and it's time to move on.  

So goodbye house. Goodbye town. Goodbye city life. I will miss you so much, but I'm excited for all the new.  

Hello new house.