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The Art of Balance


Readjusting the Blog Schedule

I started my blog in 2009. It seems absolutely crazy to me that it's already been four years of blogging. Two blogs later I'm still at it and love sharing my life and the weddings of my couples with you here. Since the beginning in 2009, I decided to blog five days a week, every week of the year. And for the most part I've kept to that schedule. But after the birth of our son in April I took some time to reevaluate my blogging schedule. 

I found myself stressing over blogging instead of enjoying my son and I found myself not sticking to a schedule when I did find time to blog. I hated that everything was all over the place, and while I tried to maintain a level of grace for myself when it came to blogging, I knew I was doing a disservice to all those people who have stuck with me from the beginning.  

So this summer I sat down and tried to really discern at what the future of this blog would look like. And I came to the conclusion that I need to blog less. Not a lot less, but I simply could no keep up with blogging five days a week with a newborn while simultaneously trying to run my business. But I couldn't stop blogging completely either. I love blogging, I love writing here and I love connecting with the people that come by every day to read.  

I decided that I wanted to cut down to three days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I'll still share a mix of personal, business, wedding and engagement related posts and taking my non blogging time on Monday and Friday to enjoy my baby and do the hard work it takes to run a business! I'm hoping this schedule allows me to be more consistent and also give me space to be a MOM!! I've already started playing around with this schedule and I've been pleased with the freedom it's allowed me so far.  



If you've been following the blog since the beginning, I'm so grateful to share this experience with you! Blogging has been such an important outlet to me as this business has grown. It's morphed from a way to share pictures into a personal journey as I've grown into a Mom and as an entrepreneur. I love sharing my life with you and I'm thrilled to continue to do that, but now on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday :).