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July's Self Portrait


Yes, yes I do realize that this month's self portrait is A. LATE and B. taken with an iPhone. Breaking the rules? Well, I'll say no way! I count it as an accomplishment that I even get a picture of me in these days as I balance life with babe and business. And hey, since this is my series and I can do whatever I want with it, iPhone pictures are welcome;)! 

It's crazy to think that I started this series a year and half ago, inspired by friend and photographer Gail Werner. She does amazing self portraits, so if you're looking for something a bit more creative, definitely check hers out! For me this series is all about keeping it real. iPhone pictures, makeup-less faces and all. I want this series to be a way for me to remember life, a where I've been and where I am going type thing.  

This week was a busy one. It marked the "end" of my maternity leave. I'll be shooting my first wedding this weekend and had an engagement session earlier in the week. The photo on the left is how I spend many of my morning these days, with my baby boy on my lap as I try to respond to emails one handly;). The image on the right is of my son and I cuddling right before I left for my engagement session. I had a session four weeks post partum at the beginning of June and couldn't wait for a few hours to myself. This time around it was MUCH harder leaving this smiling bundle of joy. But I felt good, refreshed and excited to be shooting again. I wonder how I will feel this Saturday as I leave for a wedding, the most amount of time I have spent away since Jonathan was born.  

This month we have some lofty goals for our family and I have some equally lofty goals for my business. But I'm adhering to grace knowing that I may not see all these goals and dreams come to fruition. But that should never stop one from planning and dreaming!  


-- Sell our house. 

-- Buy a house. (more on both of these things soon! HOPEFULLY!) 

-- Celebrate our SEVENTH anniversary!! 

-- Update Jonathan's baby book.  

-- Print Personal Pictures.  

-- Get a wedding album underway for Mom. (Hasn't this been on the list for MONTHS?!) 


-- Shoot my three weddings this month EXTREMELY WELL! 

-- Take risks and be creative with my shooting.  

-- Rework my pricing for 2014.  

-- Finish and finalize the Client Lounge. Who am I kidding? I just need to enlist the help of my designer for this one! 

-- Create a Introduction PDF magazine.  

-- Rethink some surprises for past and current clients.  

-- Stay on top of my turn around times. 



-- Book at least three weddings for 2014 this month. YUP I'm putting that out there!