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Being You


A Reminder In Confidence

Sometimes you can find encouragement in the strangest of places. Encouragement where you least expect it. That is what happened on Sunday night when I was searching around Pinterest. I found an OLD blog post I had written, a survival guide of sorts for first timers at WPPI. I went through the basics of Twitter, Pre Boarding and Business Cards. But then I cam to tip number ten, a tip about confidence and I was floored. Floored because I had forgotten just how I felt the first time I went to WPPI. And floored because, at times, I can STILL feel this way:  

"10. Confidence. Two years ago I remember walking down the hallway of the food court at the MGM. It leads directly to the conference center and where all of the photographers congregated at lunchtime. I remember clinging to my business cards from WHCC and desperately hoping no one would see right through me. You see, I attended WPPI as a test. A test to see if this is what I really wanted to do. When we first attended, I was still a full time news photographer. I only had three weddings booked for the year and I was using a template website. I felt like a fraud and knew for sure, that if someone dug deep enough, they'd find me out. 

Looking back, I want to shake myself and say "Everyone starts somewhere! Look at where you are going!" If there is one thing you should take with you is confidence. It doesn't matter where you are in your business, or if you have the right website, business cards, clothes or camera gear. Be confident in the person that you are and all the amazing things that only you can bring."

It can be so easy to forget this sometimes. In an industry full of people "just like me", it can be hard to feel like you have something to offer. It can feel like you need to "look the part" instead of focusing on the amazing and unique things you have to offer. And it's true, as cliche as it may sound, we all have something amazing to offer. The question is are we willing to open ourselves up to show the world that?  

I've worked hard since that first trip to WPPI to hone in on what it is that I have to offer. I've asked the hard questions: What are those unique characteristics that make me, ME? What makes my business different? They are not easy questions to answer but they are vital to the health and sustainability of this business that I love so much. 

If you're emotional, outgoing, shy, funny, serious, whatever it is, JUST BE YOU. You'll go further being who you are authentically meant to be than trying to be something you're not. For me I'm a person who loves people, hugs, laughter, pink, romance and being a mom. I started out in weddings after a career as a news photographer. I fell in love with photography as a

middle schooler

. That's not going to appeal to everyone and that's ok! Have confidence in who you are and at whatever stage you're at. You are who are and where you are for a reason. Embrace it!!