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Mama Said

Mama Said, Needless But Adorable Baby Clothes

A week before our baby arrived I was restless. We had passed our due date and I was emotionally desperate to meet out baby. I couldn't wait to hold him in my arms and was devastated when our due came and went. Like weeping on the floor kind of devastated. Yes, my hormones made me a tad dramatic;).  
To help distract me and probably get me out of the house, my Mom came down and took me to the mall. And of course I ALWAYS have to hit up Baby Gap when I'm there. I mean who can resist adorable baby clothes? NOT THIS GIRL. I found just one little outfit and decided to check out, knowing the hubby would be happy I didn't spend all my pennies on many "needless" but adorable baby onesies. (FYI, you don't need to buy onesies when your preggo, you'll receive more than you could ever imagine. But hey I just can't resist...) 
But before I could check out my mom came running up to me waving a white onesie in her hand. "You have to buy this and you have to put the baby in it and then you have to blog it!" Yes my friends, it was a camera onesie and now the whole store knew I was going to blog it;). 
Sure all mom photographers seem to have an over abundance of camera related baby products. But you really can't blame us. And besides this onesie means so much to me. From desperation to holding our dear baby boy. Months later I'm not longer weeping on the floor but laughing uncontrollably at his overwhelmingly adorable face.  
Yup, this kid is perfect. Say Cheese, Baby Boy, you're on the blog... 
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