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The Art of Balance

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A Mom, Babe and Her Computer

If you've ever wondered how I'm managing to get blog posts written, contracts sent, details organized and stay in communication with my clients, see below. Between feeds, naps, trips to Babies R Us, and all those diaper changes there are a few sacred minutes that I can focus my attention to running a business and they are glorious minutes. Minutes that are hyper focused and productive. To all those working moms out there, I salute you!! It's certainly no easy feat to nurture a newborn and run a business simultaneously. But with my Boppy in hand and a softly sleeping babe I can accomplish anything, or at least write a blog post or two :-P. 

A few months ago I pondered what it would be like to balance life as a Mom and business owner. Hard to believe that here I am. I'm grateful for the picture below because it reminds me that I can be a Mom, I can chase my dreams, I can run my business. While I don't want to say that I can do it all, this picture does make me hopeful that I can live the life that I've always envisioned. It may not always be perfect or easy but it's a life I've always dreamed of. Mom and business owner. Mom and photographer. I'm so grateful that those roles can live together in my life. Mostly I'm just grateful for the amazingly sweet and adorable nugget sleeping softly on my lap as I type...:) 

 Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 8.51.05 AM.png

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 8.51.05 AM.png

by Deborah Parker