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The Art of Balance


A Whole New Schedule

As I type with my one free hand my other gently rocks my baby as I try to get him to sleep in between feedings. This is my life right now : feeding, changing, rocking and cuddling our newborn. It's definitely a change from my usual get up and start the day in the office routine. And I know that blog posts have been few and far between... a BIG no no in the blogging world... but right now my life is about so much more than blog posts and emails.  



It's about this.Thanks to everyone who stops by and helps make this blog what it is. I hope you'll stick with me as me over these next few weeks. SOON, I promise SOON, I'll be returning things back to normal here on the blog. But for now I'm ever so grateful for your patience as we navigate this new life.  

I'm pretty sure that face right there is worth a missed blog post or two;)!