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Welcome 2012! It's Time To Get Personal!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm back to the grind today after a much needed and restful few weeks off:) It was great spending time with family and friends and being lazy with the husband. We enjoyed Christmas and New Years with lots of days of laying around the house doing NOTHING. I felt so guilty at times, but it was good for both of us to just take a moment to relax. We deserve to be able to sit on the couch and read a book all day, especially Dave! I also took advantage of the fact that Dave was home and organized the basement. It was his favorite activity of the whole week. *cue sarcasm* Anywhoo, our time off has left me refreshed and ready to take on 2012. I'm so excited for what this new year might hold in store, although I'm not really sure why. Perhaps because it's an even numbered year? Or because I am moving in to my second year of working from home? Or because a new year holds so many possibilities? Whatever the reason, I can't wait to start things off right!

Part of starting the year off right is making a commitment to the blog. I blog regularily, five days a week and use my blog as one of my main ways of communicating with the world. I love blogging and feel very passionately about sharing with you here! When I first started this blog WAAYYY back in 2009, my goal was to share both my personal and business life with you. And because I was just starting out in my business most of what I had to share was personal! But as the business grew and as the blog grew more and more posts were dedicated to weddings and engagements and portraits, as it should be! The downside to this though, was that the blog lost a little bit of that personal feeling that was so important to me at the beginning.

To start 2012 off right I am making a commitment to share more of my life with you here on the blog. Of course I will still share lots of beautiful couples and families and friends but in between those posts my hope is to sprinkle in a bit more about who I am and what is happening in my life. I want this blog to be a digital scrapbook of life. I want you to read this blog to see images but also get to know who I am as a person, because so much of who I am as a person makes up who I am as a photographer!

So get ready 2012, it's time to get personal!

Here's a look at how we enjoyed the last two weeks of 2011:) 1. We hung out with our besties who we only get to see twice a year:( 2. We made home made ice cream with our new ice cream maker!! 3. I am finishing up Entreleadership to share on Bookworm. 4. I was sick on New Years Eve and spent the day eating soup and watching movies. 5. We bought some sparkling wine for New Years and were able to find MUMM!! Our favorite spot in Napa! 6. We visited Dave's family farm and saw all his cousins. There were an abundance of red heads in attendance:) 7. Maya boo found her new favorite blanket. 8. Maya was all tuckered out after all the Christmas festivities were said and done. 9. That Santa has been in my family since 1958 I believe and it sits in our backyard every Christmas. It is so special to me. 10. Christmas Eve in New England revolves around the Patriots game. Duh. 11. My Godson Mason (he's 2) picked out this book for me for Christmas! Maybe with a little help from mom;) 12. We painted the bedroom! Operation Bedroom Revamp is underway! 13. Maya got a duck for Christmas. 14. I scored some awesome Target deals the day before Christmas Eve. 15. Our besties surprised us with the best presents ever! Dave got a package of bacon products and I received a beeswax camera candle! 16. I'm becoming preppier every day! 17. I conquered on of my fears and GOALS and vlogged!! Hopefully more to come in the 2012! 18. We had lots of fires in our fireplace! 19. Dave has made a goal to hold Maya more and talk to her in a lady voice. We'll see if this make her like him.... 20. I got stuck in traffic on the Zakim Bridge, but at least it's a beautiful site!!