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Life Captured: Meet The Correa Family!

Saturday was ONE. COLD. DAY. It was frigid. And yes I know it's January. And yes I know I live in Boston. But I still complained because if it were up to me I'd tell the snow and cold to stay away forever and it would stay a balmy 75 degrees here all year around. Unfortunately I can't control the weather so I bundled myself up to meet the Correa family in Boston as they braved the cold for a family session downtown! You probably remember Monica from her engagement session this past December. Shortly afterwards she contacted me about possibly working together to surprise her family with portraits! When I suggested January 14th as our date (not sure what I was thinking!) she didn't hesitate and we started to plan. Needless to say her family WAS surprised and they braved the cold with smiles on their faces and lots of giggling to go around! I had so much fun with this family and am so grateful for their amazing attitudes and warmth towards me despite the bitter cold! (Me also thinking that Monica's sister in law was her actual sister and posing her with Monica's mom and dad proved to the highlight of the day and sent rounds of laughter my way:)) Everyone meet the Correa family! Happy, joyful people who don't mind an afternoon of cold if it means they can spend it together! Enjoy!