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J'Adore: Winter Warmer

As I sit to write this post my hands are freezing, I'm dressed in three layers and I'm wrapped in my fluffiest blanket. (they really should make gloves for typing ;))  As much as I have wished away the cold temperatures and snow, winter is officially here. Cue whiney voice. But instead of focusing on how much I hate this time of year I thought I'd think about all the things that help me make it through. Warm hats, fleece lined blankets, cute scarfs, puppies who cuddle:)  So I give to you my J'Adore Winter Warmer. A collection of items that keep me toasty this time of year plus some items on my winter warmer wishlist. What do you use to keep you warm this time of year? Anything I should be keeping my eye out for? I'll take any advice you've got:)! I hope this list makes you feel all warm and toasty! Here's to making it through the winter, in style:)!

1. This Burberry scarf looks so warm and stylish!

2. I NEED this puffer jacket from North Face. And I will wear it in my office :-P

3. My face gets unbelievably dry during the winter months and Aveeno is a life saver!

4. You better believe we take advantage of our fireplace every chance we get!

5. I received a whole tin of Starbucks Hot Cocoa for Christmas and I'm surprised I haven't gone through it all yet!

6. This hat from EMS is the only one that covers my giant head of curly red hair and still reaches all the way around my ears:)! I have it in cranberry.

7. I LOVE my riding boots from L.L. Bean! They've taken a while to break in but they are pretty much amazing:)

8. My friend Amy purchased this sweater from Banana Republic and told me I needed to get one too. Who am I to argue with that? It's so warm and comfy!

9. I'm not one for UGGs, but these slippers look like they were made to warm my feet. Oooooh I can feel it now!

10. This robe from Pottery Barn looks divine and comfy and warm and plush and oooooh I want one!

11. As does this throw, also from Pottery Barn. I'd be wrapped in this right now...

12. What is classier (and warmer!) than a cream colored peacoat? Loving this one from J.Crew.


**Oh and one more thing:)! Briana Moore is the winner of yesterday's Bookworm Club! Email me at so I get you your copy! Congrats!**