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J'Adore : Cruisin' in Style



Shortly, I'll be sipping on a fruity cocktail while laying out on the beach workin' on my burn! Yup, we're going on our first cruise and I couldn't be more excited! Being the cruise newbies that we are, we have no idea what to expect and I kinda like it that way. Fortunately we are traveling with the cruise experts themselves (Dave's parents) whom I'm sure will show us the ropes when it comes to living on a boat for a week! Of course I relished in the excuse to buy a few new things (I mean, boat shoes are a necessity on a cruise ship, right?;)) And I spent one to many moments day dreaming about 80 degree temps, crystal clear blue water and time with the hubster. Below are my necessities for our trip. Take a few moments to day dream with me won't you?... Feeling that warm breeze and soft sand yet?!:)

1. Royal Caribbean, do good by us!

2. I swear by Neutrogena's Sheer spray on sunscreen. Light and not greasy, but it works great!

3. I LOVE this dress from J.Crew!

4. Yep, we got a wine card. We're going to be on vacation, it's allowed ok!

5. Found this beach hat at the J.Crew outlet for a steal!

6. Gonna get our snorkel on!

7. I adore this tote bag we found at L.L. Bean (We have it in Berry). It's big, has lots of pockets and a zipper!

8. My all time favorite shoes, my Sperrys!

9. Snagged this Ralph Lauren bathing suit in black at Marshalls. $25 bucks. What what!

10. I'm coming!!!

11. Yep. Exactly.