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Go WildCats

Dave married the exact girl that he shouldn't. I'm a Democrat, he's a Republican. I'm from Massachusetts, he's from New Hampshire. I'm a Husky and he's, we'll he's a hard core Wildcat. A hardcore University of New Hampshire hockey fan for those who don't know what a Wildcat is, like me. So, the statement is true, opposites attract:)! When Dave and I first started dating he was super excited because I went to Northeastern and that meant he'd be able to see his undergrad UNH Wildcats play the Huskies. Being a GIRL and not all that into hockey, I begrudgingly argreed to buy him some tickets and take him to a game. We sat together, but if you've ever been to a Northeastern hockey game, you know how dangerous it can be to route for the other team while in the Dog House! It only egged Dave on and after that game I refused to sit with him if UNH ever played Northeastern!

Dave loves his Wildcats and has a huge lovemark for his undergrad. On Saturday Dave and I along with his sister and her hubby got to watch the Wildcats against their rivals, the Maine Black Bears, at Fenway Park!! It was really cool to be at Fenway watching a hockey game! And because they were playing UMaine, I thought I'd route along for UNH. What I forgot about was just how much SPIRIT Dave has for his team. All of a sudden my sweet, mild tempered husband was spewing forth insults and an occasional naughty word at the opposing team! Who was this person?! Where did my husband go?! I buried my head inside my jacket, occasionally giggling at Dave's choice use of words ;)

All this to be said, on Saturday my husband was one excited guy and it made my heart glad to see him so happy. He loves sports, he loves UNH, he loves Fenway, he loves beer, he loves embarrassing me, he loves the cold and he loves Boston. It was wonderful being able to see him enjoy all the things that he loves, all while being able to spend time with his sister and her hubby Tom!

"A happy husband makes for a happy wife" -- Ain't that the truth!