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Friday Smashup: A Polar Bear, Instagram, Sheldon and WPPI!

Week one of productivity DONE! January 2012 is back in full swing and I am conquering my to-do list and takin' names people! Now it's Friday and the week is starting to wind down and I fully plan on spending this evening with the hubster whilst enjoying an episode of Dateline Murder mystery, my favorite! It's (almost) the weekend baby! Which leads me to a blog post dedicated to all things random but awesome.

1. Siku. If you haven't heard of Siku yet, count this as your notification. Be ready to spend countless hours enjoying the adorableness of a baby polar bear. Yah know, while it's still small enough not to eat your for lunch...

2. Instagram A Day. Yes I am obsessed with Instagram, an obsession made even worse with the creation of the Photo A Day challenge. It's been fun so far, today is Day 6, and I am enjoying the challenge of finding each item. Won't you join with me?! @deborahzoe

3. Our current television obsession is Big Bang Theory. We watch the reruns every night and I laugh out loud for one straight hour. It helps when you've married an MIT engineer who works at GE and you yourself are a reformed Star Trek (Next Generation, thank you) fan. Did I just admit that on the internet???!

4. My Birthday. Ok so my birthday technically isn't for another month or so, (February 23rd for those wondering:)) but I'm already thinking about it as I'll be in Vegas for WPPI on that day! We leave at 1pm in the afternoon, so I asked the question on Twitter and Facebook: "What shall I do for my birthday while in Vegas?:)!" The response so far have been great! Open for suggestions, have any ideas?:) And if you're a photographer join us in Vegas!!!!:)

Do you have any thing trending this week?  Any favorites? Love to hear 'em! Happy Friday everyone, here's to the weekend!