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April Self Portrait & Ten Things You Never Knew

I've got to admit that this self portrait series has been a bigger challenge that I originally thought. I mean, how hard can it be taking your own portrait? It's not that its HARD per say, but rather incredibly inconvenient. Because in all honesty, I wear yoga pants and puffy sweatshirts ALL.DAY.LONG. It's rare that I do my hair or even bother to put on make up let alone get dressed properly. I mean I work from home, there's no one to impress unless you count the dog, and quite frankly she really doesn't care! So the self portraits. It means I have to stop what I'm doing, go put on make up, try to make my hair look semi managed, and dress myself in something other than my pjs. Then I have to actually take a half decent image of myself! After this one, I immediately wiped off my makeup, put my hair in a bun and crawled back in my sweatshirt. Pretty sure you don't want to see that picture though;)

All sarcastic comments aside, I still truly enjoy the challenge. I try to use different lenses each time (the 35mm for this one) and put myself in different scenarios. It's growing me as a photographer and pushing me out of my comfort zone. I think that's worth the inconvenience of putting myself together;)

deborah zoe photography new england wedding photographer 01

deborah zoe photography new england wedding photographer 01

Part of the reason why I started this series was because I wanted readers to get to know a bit more about who I was by seeing pictures of me! (Crazy red head anyone?;)). So when I brainstormed about what to write with April's self portrait I came up with my top ten. Behold, the top ten things you never knew about me. (You're on pins and needles I know;)) Ok, here we go!

Top Ten Things You Never Knew About Me

1. I'm an only child. Yep, it's just me. Every year though I begged Mom and Dad for a baby. They gave me a doll.

2. I was born two months early. Kind of crazy to think about now. But today would have actually been my birthday. If I wasn't so impatient and all;)

3. I have size 11 feet. I think I was supposed to be taller. I have the feet and hands of Micheal Jordan.

4. My nickname is Goose. Aka Goosie. Yes after Top Gun.

5. I secretly (oh gosh I can't believe I'm admitting this!) used to be obsessed with Star Trek. *Hangs head in shame*

6. I was on the weight team in High School. I was the girl that threw those frisbee looking things (discus) and those heavy balls (shot put). I kinda stunk.

7. I was a Girl Scout. I even received my Gold Award (equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle Award). But don't look to me to start a fire or build things out of twigs and leaves.

8. I'm absolutely terrified of flying. You really don't want to hold my hand if sitting next to me one a plane.

9. I saw Titanic (when it first came out) five times in the theatres. Remember when Leo was a teenage heart throb?!

10. I made up my own dance move called the Debbie Butt Wiggle. It became a signature move during college. Don't hate, I've got mad dance moves.

Those are ten things you never knew about me. What's one thing people don't know about you?!