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101 in 1001: Date Night

When I started to put pen to paper and create a 101 in 1001 list, I had my fair share of business related goals. Re-branding, launch a new website, shoot 20+ weddings, host a workshop, work with industry leaders. But sprinkled amidst all of those lofty business goals were more humble, personal goals. Goals that included my husband, my dog, my family. Goals that will feed my soul and strengthen my marriage. And I couldn't wait to start working on them!

One of those goals was to create a yearly date night package for Dave. I tried thinking about how to best pull this together and came up with a monthly date night coupon. I put the coupons in individually labeled envelopes and gave them to Dave for Christmas. In each envelope is a date tailored just for him. Some are elaborate, some are simple, some cost money, some are free. But each date is geared specifically to his interests and favorite things. I had so much fun coming up with ideas and having opened up two months so far (January and February) it's even more exciting to stand there and watch as Dave reads them and beams from ear to ear.

There are just a few simple rules. I do the planning and we have to open them up the month before to ensure that we schedule it on the calendar. With schedules as busy as ours and with our natural tendency to sit on the couch and watch too many hours of tv, these date nights ensure that we make time for each other.

I also can't have any say in what we do. This definitely proved to be a challenge already. Our first date was dinner at his favorite pub followed by a movie of his choice. Well my first order of chicken wings had a piece of hair in it and watching the movie he chose was like enduring torture. But this was HIS date and there was no place for my selfishness or opinions. Ok ok, I might have complained a little bit, but I tried to limit my opinions and complaints to a minimum :-P What was most important was serving my husband by giving him the permission to spend our money and our time on the things that he enjoys. For all that he does to provide for me, protect me and support me, I think I can endure a bad movie and hairy chicken wings to show him that I love him.

After almost six years of marriage, finding unique ways to communicate our love for each other is important. The honeymoon period is over, but that doesn't mean the fun and exploration of each other is. I'm so thankful that we get to spend the next year enjoying each other, having fun and reigniting out dating life! I encourage you to find ways to reconnect with your spouse or significant other this year. Whether that is a monthly date, a vacation away or a time each week dedicated to each other, show that person you love just how much they mean to you. Our time is the currency of our life, spend it wisely:).