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101 in 1001 : Church Landing

It's kind of hard to believe how many things I have been able to cross of my 101 in 1001 since last month when I first posted about it. Quite honestly I thought some of things would be far off in the future or just too far out of reach. But I guess that's the power in spelling out your dreams. When you finally find the courage to say the things your heart desires, things just start to happen. This past weekend Dave and I spent a few days at Church Landing in Meredith New Hampshire. A few years ago we stumbled upon this hotel while planning a vacation close to home. The minute we first pulled up to the Inn, I melted. For whatever reason, this place immediately stole my heart. We spent the week here and enjoyed every minute of our stay. We loved it so much that we practically begged his sister to get married here, which they did:)! Ever since we have been dying to get back and the hubster made it happen this past weekend! As we sat in the outdoor pool, snow flakes gently falling through the air, I had a moment of "I can't believe this." I truly couldn't believe that we were able to do this. To steal a weekend away together, to be able to afford such a beautiful hotel to stay in. So many emotions floated around in that pool with us that it was almost overwhelming. But, just like he always does, Dave pulled me close and told me to breath. To enjoy our time together, to not worry about all of the reasons why we shouldn't be there, but just to enjoy the fact that we were. We were blessed to have everything fall into place so that we could go. Instead of worrying about the why not, I should be thankful for the present.

My goal on my 101 in 1001 list was to spend the weekend at Church Landing, and I never thought in a million years we'd be able to do that SO soon. But we did and had a fabulous weekend! But that's not the only time I'll be back to Church Landing this year. In fact, I'll be photographing a beautiful wedding there in September, a dream come true. I guess that's the power in putting it out there. And believe you me, I've never been the dreamer kind of person. I'm practicable and consistent and I've never truly given myself permission to just dream, big or small. But I've found that once you let go of expectations and just truly believe for the future, amazing things start. I being overly dramatic about a hotel? Probably. But there is a bigger picture.

If you've never allowed yourself to dream, to go after that life you don't think you deserve, take a moment today to step back. Say it out loud. In you car, in your room, at your computer. Say it to the wind, to God, to your dog. Just speak it out loud. Realize the power in accepting what's on your heart and believing for it. Who knows what life will bring. Your dream may not come true, but that's not the important part. Allowing yourself to open up to possibilities, to the what if, filling your heart and mind with faith, is what counts. That is what builds you up, moves you forward and fills your life. So take a moment today to say it out loud, speak your dream. Amazing things will start to happen. A good lesson for me to remember, every day.