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The Bookworm Club: The Hunger Games

As you all know, I love to read. And when I get a really great book, I become mildly obsessed. So when I sat down to read the Hunger Games series I may have accomplished the feat in three days. Three days of staying up way past my bedtime. Three days of anxiety. Three days of shaking Dave awake to share with him what I had just read. Three days of obsession.

Yes, my friends, the Hunger Games series is that good. It's an easy read. It's main characters are teenagers and there is a tense love triangle involved. It's pure fun (and fear) and an indulgent read that I loved. If you want a semi sci fi, love story, heroine read, with some violence thrown in, this series if for you.

The Hunger Games circles around the main character Katniss in a post apocalyptic world. North America has been split into 12 districts and is now the fictional nation of Panem. The reader follows Katniss' life in District 12 as she and her family struggles to survive in a very poor and desolate District. The story begins on the day of Reaping, the day where two tributes from each District are chosen to take part in The Hunger Games. A fight to the death where only one tribute survives. Intrigued yet?

If you want to know more about the book then go out and start reading! I was never into Harry Potter or Twilight, but I have to say that I am a Hunger Games groupie. And the best part, they are releasing a Hunger Games movies next March. But before you go and see the movie, do me a favor and read the series. Ya know, so we can make matching I Heart Peeta t-shirts to wear to the opening ;)

**If you'd like to win your very own copy of The Hunger Games (book 1) then just leave a comment below with your favorite book series! The winner will be announced on Monday! Happy Reading**