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The Bookworm Club: Love Is The Killer App by Tim Sanders & What Clients Love by Harry Beckwith

My reference library in my office is an ever growing collection of books dedicated to business. I just purchased The Purple Cow and Entreleadership and I am SO excited to dive in to both. Of course I'll make sure to share my thoughts on both those reads here. Over the summer I finished two great books, Love Is The Killer App and What Clients Love. I also realized that I never got around to writing a review for either book here on Bookworm. So today you get a two fa. Ohh yeah!

Both of these books are really quick reads and are very accessible with small bite size pieces of information you can tuck away even during your busiest time of the year, without feeling overwhelmed. Yes, please.

What Clients Love

In What Clients Love, Beckwith writes in bullet points, short paragraphs and chapters about an idea. Most of his points are obvious. These are things we should all be doing to give our clients the best experience possible. But are we? It's hard not to get caught up in the cycle. The cycle to give your clients the best experience, to only fall behind trying to give your clients the best experience. As your trying to please one client, inevitably another client takes the back seat. What I loved about this book is that I walked away with fresh vision, inspiration and encouragement in how to over come this cycle and strive to give every client my all. And at this time during the year when we are full on go go go, it's nice to be reminded of the little things we can do to please our clients.

Some of my underlined take aways:

- "Do you create the expectation that you will be skilled, reliable, trustworthy?"

- "Do something - if only because doing produces learning, and learning is perhaps a service business's most valuable asset. Do."

- "Loyalty doesn't come from marketing. It comes from personal sacrifices. Don't mass-mail or bribe customers. Instead, serve them."

- "Your business is not performing your task brilliantly. It is satisfying your clients deeply. Your task is not to perform; it's to satisfy."

- "When you buy a product, you purchase something tangible. When you buy a service, however, you buy the people who perform it."


Love Is The Killer App

Love Is The Killer App is idea book, one written to provoke action and thought in it's readers. Split up into four sections, The Lovecat Way, Knowledge, Network and Compassion, Sanders highlights each idea and how it can not only help you grow your business, but give your business meaning, depth and worth. I'm all about love and I was so excited to dive into this book. Again, nothing ground breaking here, rather just great reminders and encouragement to strive for your best in everything you do in your business and in your daily relationships.

In The Lovecat Way, Sanders talks about loving each other. And while this is nothing new, I think it's good to be reminded to love not only our clients, but our peers, and anyone we interact with. This means sharing what we know, encouraging each other in our strength and weaknesses and basically holding each other up, instead of breaking each other down.  The old way of getting ahead was to leave everyone in the dust. Sanders believes that today the only way to get ahead is to bring others along with you. I'd have to agree!

In Knowledge, Sanders encourages us to read. YES. A man after my own heart. And while reading, to make sure we share that knowledge we learn with others. In fact that is where I got the idea to start giving away copies of books reviewed on Bookworm. Sanders encourages us to share information that we've gathered not only because it will others grow but it will help us grow as well. As we teach others what we've learned, this information becomes even more solidified in our brain helping us to retain information. Yes, please!

In Network, Sanders talks about the strength of our Network and how that applies directly to the health and strength of our businesses. Your network is your networth. But beyond that he encourages us to use our networks to connect people together to form new networks, that are even bigger and stronger than the original. What a great idea! And in this profession of the Wedding Industry where we know SO many people, businesses and organizations, what would our networks look like if we slowly started to build them all together. So exciting.

And finally there is Compassion. Sanders discusses the use of the word Love in the office. And while I work from home, I found chapter to be directly applicable to my business. In our greetings, in our conversations, in our reactions and in our feedback there should be the umbrella of compassion and understanding. This means in our frustrations, we act with compassion first. In our reactions, we act with compassion first. In everything we do, we act with compassion first. As a fiery, and often times emotional red head, I'm certainly guilty of letting little frustrations bother me, or letting the stress of a wedding day get to me. I needed this chapter to be reminded that love really does win out in the end. And if I approach each stressful person and situation with love first, ultimately the outcome will be better than if I had none at all.

Both of these are great additions to any business library. And while they are quick reads, I would encourage you to go back and re-read them later. As I was writing up both these reviews I was reminded of some amazing points and highlights in each book!

***As always I'll be giving away one copy of either book to a luck reader who comments below. And because it's all fall and we're headed to a pumpkin themed party on Friday, I thought I'd make it a little fun:) Leave your favorite fall treat below to be entered to win! Good luck and Happy Reading!***

Briana Moore and Erica Ferrone are both winners of two previous Bookworms. Make sure to email me your information so I can send you your book!