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Social Media. Kinda Like An Ice Cream Social But Without The Ice Cream

Social Media. Kinda like an ice cream social, but without the ice cream. Why didn't anyone think about the ice cream?! Today we relate and gather with each other over the internet. Facebook, Twitter, and now sites like Pinterest allow us to connect with the click of a button. People we may never have met in our every day lives are joined into our inner circle via the internet. We learn about each others' lives through our news feed and iphone images. We collect things we like as we surf the web and gain followers for our taste. Wow.

Personally I've fully embraced all things social media related. I have a website, a blog, I'm addicted to Facebook and Twitter and am now adding Instagram and Pinterest to my daily list of must see sites. These outlets are huge marketing tools for me as a business owner and they help me stay up to date in the lives of my clients. Being able to communicate with them, almost instantaneously, with the click of a button is invaluable to the way I run my business. Besides, it's super fun to see pictures of your dog!

Because I love all things social media related I thought I'd share the different ways that I express myself on the web. I thought this would be especially helpful for all you new blog readers who may not know the many ways that you can stay in touch and stay up to date with me and happenings at Deborah Zoe Photo:)

First up, Facebook. Like many other small business owners out there I have my own personal page and a business page. My personal page I've had since Facebook began! Here I post a mix of business and personal news, but mostly pictures of my dog! So if you'd like to know what the hubster and I did this weekend and what our mischievous dog has been up to, friend away!

Next up is the Deborah Zoe Photo Fan Page. This is the best way to stay up to date on all things Deborah Zoe Photo related. You can learn about new blog posts, business news, see some of my work, compliment your friends on their awesome photos, and more. This is the one of my favorite things about Facebook and I update the page with new content daily.

I'm also on Twitter, albeit not as much as Facebook, but I'm getting better! Much of what you'll see on Twitter is similar to the Fan Page, news updates, blog posts and pictures of our dog;). But what's great about Twitter is the conversations that happen over the 140 character limit. Being able to communicate with friends and clients quickly and efficiently is fantastic and a great way to build relationships over the web.

Lastly there is my latest obsession! PINTEREST! Seriously if you're not on Pinterest, what are you waiting for?! I used to have hundreds of folders on my desktop with little screen shots of things that inspired me from all around the web. Now it's all organized and stored on the internet! That's great for my organizational OCD-ness. But what's better is that you and I can begin to see what each other is pinning from around the web! Yes! What a great concept! So now not only do you get to organize, store and easily find things you've saved, but you get to see what others are saving, gain inspiration from their inspiration, and start new connections all through pinned images! Gah, I'm obsessed!

There you have it, my four favorite ways to connect on the web! But while I obviously love all things social media related, nothing beats actual face time with a client, a friend or a family member. So let's connect on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, but let's also make sure to meet, skype or chat face to face. Oh and don't forget to bring some ice cream too;)