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Our Love Recaptured, Five Years Later

When Dave and I were married five years ago, we were one of the first of our friends to get married. We were young and eager, and if I were being completely honest, without a clue. I was graduating college, looking for a job and trying to plan a wedding all at the same time. It was an intense period of our life! We had a limited budget and were very grateful to the friends and family that helped us pull off a wedding! And while we LOVED every minute of our wedding, there has always been something inside of me that wished we could go back. And do it all over again. As an anniversary present to me, Dave contacted one of my favorite photographers, Katelyn James, and asked if she'd make the trip up to New England to photograph us again in all our bridal attire. "We'll take you out to dinner too!" was Dave's enticing offer. She graciously accepted and as many of you know, this past Monday she traveled up and we made it happen.

It's been really fun to play the role of bride again. Picking out flowers, accessories, a suit, locations. But I could never have imagined what it would feel like to put on my dress and to walk out the door to meet Dave. I was nervous, I had butterflies, I just wanted to see him. And people, we've been married for five years! My heart fluttered as he pulled me in close and whispered in my ear, "You're beautiful." In our short time together, wrapped in each others arms, I fell even more deeply in love with Dave.

From left, Lisa Rigby, Martha Stewart Weddings, Justin & Mary, Jasmine Star, Zappos, Casablanca.

I've been hesitant to share that we did this. I can understand it seems partially crazy to get back into your wedding dress, five years after you've already said "I Do"! But this opportunity means so much to Dave and I. The chance to have images taken of us that truly document the love that we have for each other is beyond exciting. Rest assured that I'll be sharing more images here, but for now here's a sneak peek Katelyn posted for us earlier this week!!:)

The wonderful vendors that helped us pull this all together: Katelyn of Katelyn James Photography Deborah of Mr Joseph's Lena of Hair That Moves Weddings at Misselwood at Endicott College Sarah of K. Lilly Floral Design Meg of Miss Megan Elizabeth Men's Wearhouse