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J'Adore: That Lovin' Feeeeeling

There was NOTHING on tv last night. And I mean nothing (two irish ladies in puffy dresses singing Celtic folk songs anyone?). We don't have cable so our tv watching is relegated to reruns and baaaad tv. And last night I was desperate for something to watch.  For a moment I did considered suffering through those two ladies in their puffy dresses. That was before I stumbled upon one of my favorite movies, TOP GUN!

Yes this movie is all cheese. And I love every minute of it. Raging electric guitar, 80's wash jeans, frizzy hair and awesome lines like "I feel the need, the need for speed!" It's what great movies are made of;)  Even my nickname is Top Gun related. Goosie, aka Goose, given to my by my best friend, because after all I am her wingman, er woman.

So if you need a few minutes of electric guitar, men in uniform and a very young Tom Cruise to help you get through this dreary day, click below. You don't want to miss that lovin' feeling!