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Product Highlight: Dan & Nicole's Wedding Album

Dan and Nicole's beautiful and BIG album made it's way to my doorstep on Tuesday night. Immediately I ripped open the packaging so I could examine their book. Since I am pretty much in love with Madera Books, the company I use to create albums for my clients, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. Even in the dimly lit space of our living room, their album was gorgeous. The soft leather, the slightly matted pages. I am in love:) And to round out the whole thing is another fantastic design by Erica, who creates all of my album designs. What a great team! Enjoy!:)  


And here is their album and canvas all set to go home:)

** I've lost several blog posts for some reason this week:( So I apologize for any missing comments or posts. I was however, able to restore yesterday's Bookworm. The winner of a copy of Pour Your Heart Into It is Erica Ferrone. Erica, send your info so I can get you your copy:)**