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A Trip In Instagrams: Then and Now

The first time I traveled to Chicago was 2001. I carried with me my hefty film camera and my even beefier video camera. I thought I was the bees knees with my two pieces of equipment photographing and filming everything I saw. A random flower, a small water fall, the open fields of the mid-west. As we were visiting family in the Windy City on this trip, old tapes of that first visit were rediscovered. There on the flat screen tv, my frizzy hair and giant video camera were enlarged for all the world to see. There I was filming the random flower, the small water fall and the wide open fields. Bad hair and all. I barely knew what I was doing at the time, but even then I was happy. I knew it was what I was meant to do. Ten years later my clunky cameras have now disappeared. In their place my trusty iPhone travels with me wherever I go, allowing me to document my life, from the exciting to the mundane. And while the technology has changed, my fondness of photographing the random has not. Now instead of a flower, water fall or wide open fields, my subjects have been replaced with my husband, our godson and the things I read at night. They are snippets of my life that to some are just that. But to me, they are precious memories that make up the fabric that is my life. These are the moments that I treasure, captured with my phone. I'm glad to have them.

Here's a quick recap of our little vacation to the Windy City

1. You know you're in Chicago when, all the parking levels at the airport are related to Chicago sports teams. Go Cubby Bears! 2. Decorations for Christmas had already begun at the Museum of Science and Industry. Such a cool place to visit! 3.  A fitting quote for Veteran's Day, "The U-505 Submarine must be an inspiration for future generations of Americans, bringing them home to the realities of war and the chances their fathers took to preserve their liberties." - Admiral Daniel V. Gallery 4. A diagram of a Jet Engine at the Museum of Science and Industry. Can you guess which part Dave designs? 5. We dined at Unos, the very first one. Mmhmm deep dish pizza:) 6. As we parted with my Aunt and Uncle to make our way to Wisconsin, they snuck this in our lunches, YUM. 7. My friend Tricia gave me a book recommendation, The Paris Wife. I left it at their house, but the first five chapters are great! 8. Truth. 9. Our little energetic nugget, our godson. 10. Tricia and I went out to grab coffee for the family and came back and found my husband cuddling with her new baby. I have to admit, it was pretty sexy! 11. We traveled all the way to the Mid-West and found this store! Of course we had to take a picture in front of it. Dork alert! 12. I returned home to find these waiting on our doorstep. Photography nerds unite!