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A Happy Thanksgiving From Me!

Six years of turkeys. Six years of gathering family together. Six years of celebrating Thanksgiving as husband and wife. This Thursday will mark the sixth Thanksgiving that Dave and I have hosted for our family since we were married way back in 2006. We started hosting as a way to bring our families together instead of traveling to them. I was working as a news photographer and as so I was always covering a Thanksgiving day football game or games. It was almost impossible to be able to travel to do different states in the same day while working, so we brought them to us! (I wrote a post about my thoughts on working and hosting Thanksgiving in 2009, which you can read here) I would scurry off early in the morning to work while Dave would begin working in the kitchen. As the day rolled on family would trickle in and by the time I made it back home, dinner would be ready. Come to think of it, I had it pretty good! ;)

This will be the first year that I get to enjoy the holiday completely. Being the first year that I have not had to work, I'll be home helping Dave prepare the Turkey and enjoying the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I'll be home to welcome our family and stuff my face full of appetizers. I'll be home to enjoy the holiday and I couldn't be happier!

Below is a flash back to the past five Thanksgivings we've celebrated together. In a moment of vulnerability, please ignore my insane hair styles and poor outfit choices. When you've worked all day in the cold, the snow or the rain, your motivation for appearance is slim to none. This year I promise try a little harder;) While you're at it, check out those green cabinets and yellow counter tops in our old apartment. I hated that kitchen so much when we were living there. Now I find that color oddly sentimental....

I hope that you, dear readers, enjoy your Thanksgiving. My wish for you is a day filled with family, friends and love. Enjoy a turkey leg, some green bean casserole and an extra helping of stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving, gobble, gobble!