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Eric & Alicia's Wedding Album

It's that time of year when packages start appearing regularly on my doorstep. It's so exciting to come home to see a box sitting there just waiting to be opened. When Alicia and Eric's album appeared one day last week, I immediately got to work, tearing the box open. I was so excited I even sent her a photo to let her know it arrived! As you may know I use Madera Books to create beautiful wedding albums for my clients. Every time an album arrives I am never disappointed in the quality and craftsmanship of each album. There is just something special and timeless knowing that your images are displayed in a hand crafted, leather bound album. I get so excited knowing that many of my couples will have a way to cherish and remember their wedding day for years to come! So I bet you're dying to get a sneak peek in to Eric and Alicia's album huh?:) Take a look below for a glimpse into their beautiful and HOT fall wedding! If you have any questions about these albums please feel free to send me an email at!

Many thanks to Erica at The Summer House for taking on the task of all my album design work. You create beautiful pieces of art from each couple's day!