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Fall Wedding at the Nashoba Valley Winery

Taryn and Jim had one of the most spectacular fall days...ever. New England has this funny of way of being unpredictable and you never quite know what kind of weather you'll get for your wedding day. Taryn and Jim hit the jackpot of weather with clear blue skies, a warm fall October sun and some of the prettiest foliage we've seen all season. It was everything they could have hoped for in their fall wedding at the Nashoba Valley Winery!!

Taryn and Jim held an intimate celebration for their closest family and friends amongst the grape vines and overlooking the valley. Taryn accented the day with hues of plum and purple -- the perfect compliment to their wedding venue. But what made their day truly special were the people that they were surrounded by - people who love this couple deeply. I hope that Jim and Taryn tangibly felt that support throughout their day. It's a testament to how kind, generous and loving Taryn and Jim are.

Taryn & Jim, thank you for inviting us to be part of your day!! Enjoy some of my favorite images!! 

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A Rainy Boston Wedding Day at Fairmont Copley Plaza

It rained and rained and rained and rained -- then it rained some more. Hurricane Matthew made it's appearance known this past Sunday with a day full of wet and blustery conditions. The rain came steady and didn't let up until late until the evening. You know what they say though, rain is good luck on your wedding day!!

It rained on our wedding day and when the black storm clouds rolled in I cried big ugly tears. So I would have completely understood if the rain dampened Erica & Mark's spirits this past Sunday. But when I walked into the getting ready suite at the Fairmont, instead of tears I was greeted with smiles and hugs and an ever cheerful Erica. No rain was going to quell her joy to be marrying the love of her life!! 

I think that is one of the things that I love most about these two. They have a strong understanding about the things that are important to them in life -- everything else comes second. No Hurricane was going to take that from them!! Luckily they chose the spectacular Fairmont Copley Plaza to host their wedding which offered a beautiful backdrop for their images. We stayed dry and warm inside, exploring all the unique corners of the luxurious lobby. 

Erica and Mark -- thank you again for inviting us to be a part of your day. We were honored to witness as you became Husband and Wife!! Enjoy some of my favorite images of the day!! 

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What To Wear To Your Mini Session

If you haven't heard, the second annual Mini Session Event has been announced for October 23rd in Topsfield!! If you're interested in booking a session, you can check out all the details here

One of most stressful part of a scheduling a portrait session can be figuring out what to wear!! Below, I've shared some outfit ideas and offered up a few of my favorite styling tips to perfectly plan for your session!

  • Cozy layers, cable knit textures
  • Winter colors, hues of blue, cream and silver
  • Layer with jackets, sweaters, vests
  • Avoid loud colors, graphic prints, details that would be distracting in your images
  • If dressing for a group, be sure that your color palette, textures and outfit styles are complimentary to one another
  • Schedule an appointment to have your hair & makeup done
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5 Reasons To Book A Mini Session

Last week I announced the date for the second annual Mini Session Event!! You can find all the details and sign up here. If you've been considering a Mini Session, read on to learn more about why Mini Sessions may be a great opportunity for you!!

Less Time

Mini Sessions are 20 minutes, perfect for families with little ones or those who may not have time in their busy schedules for a longer session. No need to plan your day around a Mini Session - a 20 minute commitment is all you need!

Up To Date

Mini Sessions are a great way to have up to date portraits of your family or loved ones in a relaxed setting. As Mini Sessions are held yearly, you can easily and affordably stay up to date with your family as they change and grow over the years. 


A Mini Session includes your session fee along with the high resolution digital images with personal rights, making it an affordable option to regularly update your family's portraits with a new collection of images each year!

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Announcing The Fall Mini Session Event!!

I'm delighted to announce the date for the second annual 2016 Winter Mini Session Event!! Perfect for your Holiday cards, updated family portraits or just because, Mini Sessions are an excellent way to capture your family & loved ones in a relaxed and fun setting!! Hurry, time slots fill up quickly and are booked on a first come, first serve basis!! 

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Experimenting With Film Photography

This year I made the commitment to start shooting film again. While I haven't advertised that I'm shooting film formally, at every engagement and portrait session this past year I've tried to shoot a few frames on grainy 35mm film. Working with film has filled my photographer heart. I've struggled, failed and experimented with new techniques. It's been so good to stretch my creative muscles and learn that it's OK to make mistakes. 

One of my biggest fears shooting film again is that I would make mistakes. Not being able to see what was on my camera and simply relying on instinct and a light meter was somewhat terrifying to me. But how else do you learn?! Shooting film has taught me that, while scary, learning (or in my case RE-learning) something can be an exciting process!!

Today I wanted to share a little of what I've been working on this past year. I have yet to blog any of these film images, so I'm stepping somewhat outside my comfort zone and sharing them with you!! I'm definitely STILL in the learning phase of shooting film. While I started out my journey as a photographer IN FILM, shooting with film for client related work is something entirely new to me. I hope you'll continue with me on this journey as I share more adventures in film with you here soon!!

  • Images captured using Canon EOS IV 35mm & Pentax K1000
  • Shot on Portra160, Portra 400, Fuji400h, Superia800
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Les Fleurs Fall Floral Workshop

Earlier this fall I had the pleasure of being invited to Les Fleurs to photograph some promotional images for their upcoming fall floral workshop, Table & Tutorial. I relish any opportunity to photograph their beautiful floral creations, especially their beautiful fall florals. I love the rich hues of this bouquet, perfect for the cooler temperatures!! Plus how adorable are those wax pumpkins? 

If interested in attending the Table & Tutorial workshop (I mean who doesn't love playing with flowers?!), you can check out all the details on the Les Fleurs blog. Below, enjoy some of my favorite images from our shoot together earlier this fall!

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Wedding Photography : What Makes The Difference?

What makes a wedding photographer worth the investment? Beyond the obvious (web presence, reviews and referrals, legitimate business practices), there are several key factors to look for when choosing your wedding photographer. Photography is so much more than simply clicking a shutter. It’s about creating art with a purpose, preserving history and serving clients through the medium of photography. My hope that this be the base at which you start. From there, several factors should be taken into consideration when picking the right photographer for you. 


I’m going to challenge you to remove price from the equation. I’m not trying to be unrealistic — I was a Bride once with a very limited wedding budget and I understand that couples often have a specific budget that they need to adhere to. But I want to encourage you, don’t let price be the only factor in why you choose a photographer. 

Are all photographers created equal? No. Which is why there is a large range in price points. In wedding photography you often get what you pay for so make sure you understand exactly what your photographer will deliver. Investing in your wedding photography experience ensures that your day is professionally and artistically captured, providing you with exceptional customer service and a memorable experience.

Style & Approach

No two photographers are alike and will view and capture a wedding day in very unique ways — Will your photographer connect with the vision you have for your wedding day? Will they capture the day in the way that is meaningful to you? When meeting with potential photographers ask them to describe their style - what inspires them as an artist? What are the values that shape their world view? Aside from visually seeing their work, digging deeper to understand the person behind the camera and their approach as an artists, will hep you determine if they are the right fit for you. 

Personality & Professionalism

Your photographer will be someone you spend a significant amount of time with on the wedding day. Do you feel comfortable around their presence? Do you trust that person to capture your day? Will they courteous, polite and kind to your guests and loved ones? Are they responsible, one time and will they dress appropriately on your wedding day?  Having a connection with your photographer is essential in creating natural and authentic images and allowing you to feel comfortable and relaxed on the wedding day.


Professionally lit images, portfolios edited with a cohesive and consistent style, blog posts that show a range of moments throughout the day, flattering posing, natural looking images — these are just a few of the things you can look for when determining the skill level and expertise of a photographer.

If you're attracted to a more documentary style of photography — is your photographer skilled in unobtrusively capturing the big and small moments of the day? Is their portfolio filled with images that speak to this type of style? Similarly, if you are attracted to romantic or artfully posed images — do you see examples of beautiful and flatteringly posed couples in their portfolio? Beyond their website, asking to see full galleries of past weddings can help you determine if the photographer is skilled at their craft and can capture the wedding day in a style that you feel connected too.


I believe that equipment does not make the photographer, however it is absolutely essential that the photographer you choose to hire is prepared to safely and securely capture your wedding day using professional grade gear and backup systems. The wedding day is a fluid and ever changing event that your photographer must be prepared for. From backup gear, to extra batteries, to lighting equipment, a professional photographer will be be prepared with the proper equipment to capture the wedding day.

Albums & Heirlooms

If you are interested in creating an album or heirloom with your photographer, ask to see examples and inquire where and how the heirlooms are made. Look for heirlmooms that are hand crafted using archival quality inks and papers. After the wedding day, one of the few things that remain are the images your photographer has created for you. These images deserve to be curated into artfully curated heirlooms that you'll be able to enjoy for years to come. Ensure that the products your photographer offers you will stand the test of time.

Newport Wedding at The Elms & Regatta Place

Kerin & Ryan picked Newport for their wedding location, almost on a whim. Both had never spent too much time in this quaint coastal town but after a visit they knew that it was the perfect place to host their wedding. A local destination of sorts, Newport provided the perfect place for their friends and family to escape to without much traveling. And with cooler temperatures and small crowds, the weekend event was the perfect way to experience Newport in a leisurely and relaxed pace. 

Kerin & Ryan started the day in downtown Newport, both getting ready in separate houses right on Thames Street. Kerin's house even had a top floor roof deck that overlooked downtown and Newport Harbor! Following a lovely and intimate ceremony, they headed to the magnificent Elms Mansion for wedding portraits with their wedding party & family. Finally they headed back to Regatta Place, located right in Newport Harbor, for a night of dancing and celebrating. Their day was a great mix of everything wonderful about Newport - the history and coastal charm were the perfect compliment for Kerin & Ryan's day.

What a joy it was to celebrate with Kerin & Ryan's families who were all so excited to be together to watch as they became Husband & Wife. Kerin's Mom was a ray of sunshine the morning of the wedding while her Dad offered up cheers on the trolley and made sure that everyone had a full glass of rose to toast to the couple. Ryan's Dad joked that they were old pros during the family formals and his Mom snuggled in close, happy to see her son marrying the woman of his dreams. 

As a wedding photographer, I'm granted special license into these private moments that families share together on the wedding day. It is a joy and honor to be there to document them for my couples and the people that they love. Kerin & Ryan, thank you for inviting us to be a part of your day, enjoy some of my favorite images!!

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Autumn Family Portraits in New England

Almost every year since 2012 I've had the honor of photographing Aubrey and her sweet family. Aubrey and I met via the wedding industry years ago. Today were running photography businesses and raising families. Aubrey's friendship has been such an encouragement to me as we navigate life in this unique world of wedding photography and motherhood. 

I have loved being able to photograph their beautiful family over the years. Watching Max grow into a handsome young man and become a big brother has been oh-so-sweet. My hope is that their images will become treasured family heirlooms, documenting the exciting journey their family has been and continues to be on. 

Aubrey, thank you for trusting me to capture your family each year, it has been a joy to photograph your life together!! Enjoy your images!!

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