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Isla's Second Month

My precious baby girl is TWO months old today!! TWO!! I'm sure I'll be saying this every month, but I simply cannot believe it!! I was telling Dave the other day that I cannot even believe I was pregnant, it feels like a dream. Nearly one year ago we were heading into Boston for my IUI, hoping and dreaming of growing our family. And even though that treatment failed, nearly a year later here we are holding our tiny miracle. It's too sweet. (I haven't share too much about our journey through infertility -- but if you'd like me to share more I will.)

We've quickly discovered the old adage that no two babies are alike to be completely true!! While in some ways she is similar to her brother, Isla is a very different baby than he was. She doesn't seem to sleep the same, she doesn't eat the same and her personality is very different. Since we are nearly five years removed from the infant stage of parenting, it's been a learning curve to say the least!! Equally as amazing though, is how much her big brother loves her. To watch them interact, to see him loving her, to know that they will carry a special bond together for the rest of their lives is something I will cherish forever!!

Month two has been full of exciting milestones!! Here are highlights her second month :

  • Around week seven she start smiling and hasn't stopped since. Her smiles are wide toothless grins that can brighten anyone's day. Her Daddy says her smile can melt ice, it sure is melting our hearts!!
  • I told Dave to be gentle with Isla one night as he was changing her diaper. She's a delicate little flower I proclaimed. Immediately she let out the loudest fart imaginable. BABIES!!
  • She is quickly outgrowing all her three month clothes. With a slow start with her weight, every growth milestone we hit is a victory around here!!
  • This month Isla, Mommy and Jonathan survived a night on our own (with a TON of help from parents!!)
  • Around week six I started to wonder when I would start to hear her darling coos and I'm happy to say she is a cooing machine that warms my heart and makes me smile!!
  • Isla stayed with my parents for our first date post baby (if you don't count going to see Star Wars at two weeks postpartum ;)) We enjoyed the first part with her as we went out to breakfast then spent the afternoon at the movies. What a treat!!
  • She still doesn't take a paci - the other night she sucked on one for a few minutes and we nearly celebrated until it promptly was spat out of her mouth in disgust. Oh well!!
  • The only thing that is predictable in this little one's schedule is that she will sleep right after her morning feed -- for several hours!! And while I can't predict anything else, that morning nap is great for Mom!!
  • Sometimes if she has napped for a long time my arms will ache to hold her and feed her and keep her close <3 
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The Best of Weddings 2017

It's here - the Best of Weddings 2017!! To be honest this post took MUCH longer bring together than I anticipated. After selecting my favorite images of the year, I opened the folder - over 300 images!! There were over 300 images in the folder!! How could I narrow it down?! I carefully went through each image deciding that it need to evoke at least one of three characteristics : it needed to be emotive, intimate and evoke beauty. Not hard to do after a season like 2017!! I worked with some of the best this past year, from creative teams to my amazing DZP Couples, who helped make this wedding season magical. What a joy to take a look back and celebrate all that 2017 was!!

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The Best of Engagements 2017

Yesterday I kicked off the Best of 2017 series with some of my favorite portrait work of the last year and today I'm sharing my favorite engagement images!! Looking back I was reminded of how amazing each of my DZP Couples are. I love the time we get to spend with each other before the wedding and the opportunity I have to get to know these wonderful people!!

I kicked things off in January for a cold and blustery session in Boston. Throughout the year my couples headed to the beach, estates, the city, even their homes, each session tailored to their unique relationship. Just as my portrait sessions, I made the goal to incorporate film and I loved the results!! Each session was as unique as the couple I was photographing and made for a beautiful year of images -- enjoy a few of my favorites!!

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The Best of Portraits 2017

Welcome to 2018!! One of my favorite ways to start the new year is to reflect on the year past and gather together my favorite images from the last 12 months. I'm reminded again of how much I love this "job", being invited into my clients' lives and documenting the precious milestones of life. (You can view the Best of 2016 here.) Pulling together my favorite images of the year is no easy task -- how can I choose? Each image feels so dear to me. I remember exactly where I was and what was happening in that moment. Joyful, quiet, intimate, happy, reflective, emotive, connected moments. Every time I clicked the shutter I have the opportunity to capture these moments in time for my clients. It feels so dear indeed. 

To kick of the Best of Series I'm sharing some of my favorite portrait images of 2017!! I was happy this year to include film into nearly all my portrait sessions which was a creative add for me. My clients seemed to love that and I thoroughly enjoyed stretching my skill in film. I've got a long way to go, but I'm proud of how it tied together, nearly seamlessly, with my digital work!! 

So let's get to the images shall we?! I was pleased to be invited back into the lives of my dear past wedding clients as they expanded their families this year... how lovely to see these lovely families growing!! Here's to 2017 and celebrating the big and small moments of life!! 

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Isla's First Month

How can we possibly already be at one month old!! It hardly seems possible. Honestly it hardly seems possible that our house is filled with the joy of a newborn again. It's surreal, amazingly, wonderfully, surreal!! When Jonathan was a newborn I documented his first year of life through a series of monthly blog posts. And while I might have been the only one who cared enough to read them, it was a joy for me to remember that fast first year and document all the change he underwent. I knew that I wanted to do the same thing for our baby girl and here I am today, ready to share the first post!!

This time has gone by so fast - so, so fast. I remember the night before my scheduled c-section Dave and I sat together and through tears I cried that I wished it was a week from today. I was terribly afraid of what lay ahead and now here we are five weeks later. Having a scheduled c-section this go around felt much different than my experience with our son Jonathan (who was an emergency c-section after nearly two days of labor.) Walking into the OR room first thing in the morning was a strange experience. I found that surgery this go around was a bit more traumatic then I was expecting, recovery has been much slower than last time and the entire experience was much different. BUT our darling daughter has been the gleaming light through it all and has made whatever experience we had so entirely worth it!!

Ms. Isla Rose -- many people have asked us how we chose her name. The short answer is we liked it :) After our 10th anniversary trip to Scotland in 2016 we fell in love and so on a whim we decided to look into Scottish names. I stumbled upon Isla one day and it just kind of clicked. Dave liked the name Rose and together it seemed to be the perfect fit for our baby girl!!

Some highlights this first month of life for Ms. Isla Rose :

  • Isla's birth experience felt entirely different than Jonathan. Instead of being a week late like J, she was a week early. Instead of an emergency surgery, her's was schedule for first thing in the morning. Instead of bouncing back like I did with J, my recovery took time. 
  • Isla is also a very different newborn than Jonathan. She was very jaundice and sleepy the first three or so weeks of life. Feeding wasn't nearly as easy as it had been with Jonathan and it took a lot of work for me and her to find a groove. I think at week 5 we are JUST starting to find it but we've got a long way to go.
  • Because of the jaundice and feeding issues Isla lost a bit of weight by the time she left the hospital and we've been playing catch up ever since. She's never looked unhealthy or too skinny, but the scale let us know that she needed to gain a LOT more weight and quickly.  
  • Isla LOVES her big brother, probably more than anyone else. She coos and smiles at him any time he's around her and he of course LOVES that!! He's equally infatuated with her and it makes us beyond happy. Jonathan has been an amazing big brother so far and we are so grateful!!
  • We celebrated two Christmas' and New Years with Isla (she liked to party at night in case you're wondering ;)), and spent most of the first weeks of her life cooped up in home due to the insanely cold weather (-20 degrees anyone?!), sickness and recovery. Not much traveling or outdoor activities have been had aside from heading to the doctors office.
  • The times that Jonathan wasn't on a snow day or on vacation, Dave and I enjoyed visiting our favorite coffee shops while he was on paternity leave. Kaffmandu, Honeycomb and Mystic Coffee Roaster just to name a few :) 
  • Isla usually wakes up around 2-3 times a night, woof, a little different than Jonathan. We'll definitely be excited for the day when she makes it to 4-5 hour stretches!! 
  • Isla feels like a different baby than Jonathan in so many ways - She HATES the pacifier!! And being swaddled!! And being on her back!! And being cold!! What she does love is sleeping on your chest. And while that makes getting anything done near impossible - with her curled up next to your chest, well there really isn't anything better in the world!!
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My Maternity Leave

I can't believe that I am officially writing this blog post!! But here we are, almost ready to welcome our baby girl into the world!! Appropriately I will be taking a maternity leave in anticipation of her arrival and for the first few months of her life. I wanted to share a few details with you of what that means for future, current and past DZP clients and what they can expect over the next months as we take a break to enjoy life as a family of four!!

  • Email will still be available, however my response time will be significantly increased. Please be patient as I respond to each email appropriately.
  • If you have an urgent matter you want me to be aware of, please make that clear in your subject line.
  • If you are a current client who has NOT booked an engagement session for 2018, I will be reopening shooting dates at the beginning of March. Please reach out to get set up as dates fill up quickly.
  • If you have an open album order or have yet to finalize your design, album design and production will begin again at the end of February. 
  • I will have dates open and available at the end of February, March, and April for portrait sessions. If interested in booking a session for your family, please reach out!!
  • The best way to stay up to date on important Deborah Zoe Photography news is to like the DZP Facebook Page as well as subscribe to the DZP Newsletter

I want to thank all my clients and supporters of DZP who have been so incredibly gracious and supportive of my family during this journey. We have felt so loved and we are incredibly grateful!! (Especially on long wedding days where you made sure I was well fed and hydrated :)). I look forward to sharing more of our journey once baby girl is here!! Thank you one and all!!

With much love from our family to yours, The Parkers

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Wedding Nauticus Marina on Cape Cod

I can't believe I never shared the amazing day that was Callie & Jimmy's wedding!! I had been looking to this day all year and it's hard to believe it's come and gone!! What a day they had, filled with the perfect preppy & nautical details, a glorious fall day and surrounded by their closest family friends. I had the privilege of working with the amazing Keri of Always Yours Events, who styled and planned the day to perfection!! Callie was stunning her Theia gown while Jimmy looked dapper in his classic black tie suit. I loved everything about this day and I'm so excited to share some of my favorites from their day with you!!

Creative Team

Styling & Planning : Always Yours Events

Ceremony : Nauticus Marina

Dress : Theia

Hair  : Beyond Beauty

Makeup : Sposabella Bridal

Florals : Blossoms By The Bay

Bridesmaids : Jenny Yoo

Cake & Catering : Casual Gourmet

Band : Bearfight

Stationary : Splash Stationers

Second Photographer : Lauren Termini

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Maternity Portraits at Smith Barn at Brooksby Farm

The past few years has seen a boom in past DZP couples growing their families -- and I LOVE it!! It's such a privilege to be invited into such a special time in a couple's life and help them celebrate the milestone of a new baby with photography!! 

I was delighted when Molly emailed me earlier this year letting me know they were expecting (and due around the same time as me!) and that she wanted to celebrate the occasion with a portrait session. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating Molly & Andrew's wedding day and here we were anticipating the arrival of their baby girl!! Congratulations you two, enjoy a few of my favorite images!!

Hybrid Session | 5dMarkIII & EOS-1V | Fuji 400h | Processed by The Find Lab

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The Annual Print & Album Sale Is Here!!


The annual Print & Album sale is here once again!! In celebration of Small Business Saturday and the end of another wonderful season : 

enjoy 35% off your print order &  30% off your album order!!

  • Begins on November 22nd and ends on December 3rd, 2017

  • To find your print gallery click here.

  • Don't see your gallery? Email to get setup!!

  • Use code SHOPSMALL30 during check out to save 30% on your print, canvas or digital download order via 

  • This is the BEST album deal offered all year long. The number of offers are very limited and won't last long -- email to save, starting on November 22nd!!

A note to my dear past and current DZP Brides, Couples & Families : Images are not meant to sit on a computer or a thumb drive. They are meant to be printed, ENJOYED, shared with loved ones and displayed in your home!! If you have yet to order your wedding album or order your favorite prints, now is the time!! Create tangible heirlooms of your favorite memories with our annual print & album sale!!

Get up, get out and #ShopSmall on Nov 22nd & Celebrate #SmallBizSat with us!!

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At Home Newborn Portraits

It's hard to believe that it's been over two years since Jayme and Cory tied the knot at the beautiful Chatham Bars Inn. It was such an amazing celebration and remains one of my favorite wedding days to date!! I was thrilled when they contacted me earlier this year to let me know they were expecting a baby girl - I couldn't wait to capture them together as a family of three.

Earlier this fall I met Jayme and Cory at their beautiful home to photograph their newest addition. It was so nice to catch up and have this sweet couple in front of my camera again!! I'm so thankful for clients who trust me to capture their lives long after the wedding day!! What a joy to celebrate life's milestones with photography!! Here are a few of my favorite images from our time together. Congratulations Jayme & Cory!!

Hybrid Session | 5dMarkIII & EOS-1V | Kodak Portra 800 | Processed by The Find Lab

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Fine Art Print Shop

I bet you didn’t know that #deborahzoephotography has a dedicated Fine Art Print Shop!! Over this past year I’ve curated together some of my favorite travel and fine art images into a gallery where you can purchase ready to frame or hang art for your home!! These images are warm, serene and evoke a sense of place and time. I hope you’ll take a look through the gallery and find the perfect print for home!!

I'd love to hear from you too - what kind of images would you like to see in this gallery? What types of images are looking to feature in your home? Your feedback is especially helpful so I can tailor this gallery to fit your artistic and visual needs!!

If you'd like to have updates on upcoming sales and offers for the Print Shop, please be sure to sign up for the DZP Newsletter here!! Happy Shopping!!

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Fall Wedding at the Boston Aquarium

I knew when I first met Tish & Obie for their engagement session this past spring I knew that their wedding would be one for the books!! And what a celebration it was, a perfect reflection of this sweet couple. Tish loves penguins and so it was only fitting that they get married at the Boston Aquarium in front of the penguin enclosure. Obie loves Star Wars and of course R2D2 stood in as their ring bearer. The day was filled with unique touches and lots of love for this adored couple. Enjoy some of my favorite images!

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Our Maternity Session at Crane Beach

After our struggle with miscarriage and infertility, to find out that we were expecting this past spring was such a surprise. We were a mix of excited, apprehensive and how the heck did this happen? We had just come to a place emotionally, spiritually and mentally where we had accepted our family the way it was and we were at peace. Then came the surprise of all surprises and we found ourselves dreaming about the future as a family of four again. 

I knew that having a maternity session to celebrate this gift of our baby girl would be really important to us. We wanted a session to celebrate our relationship (11 years of marriage!), our family of three, the anticipation of our second baby and to remember the struggle we endured the past two years of infertility. 

When it came time to choose a photographer I knew just who I wanted to help us document this time in life. I have long admired Beth's work, particularly her film work and fell in love with the soft, romantic feel of her images. I was so thankful she was available and excited to photograph our maternity session and all the stars aligned for a fall session at our favorite place, Crane Beach this past October. 

Thank you Beth for helping us capture this time in life together. These images mean the world to us and we just cannot thank you enough for the gift you've given us!! Here are some of our favorites :) 

All images by Elizabeth LaDuca Photography

Hair & Makeup by Hair That Moves

Dress from ASOS

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Fall Wedding in Downtown Boston

It's hard to believe that Jennifer & Nate's wedding has come and gone!! It feels like just yesterday we wandering the harbor walk together for their engagement session and now I'm blogging their wedding!! These two love to have fun and their wedding day reflected their zest for life. Carefree, stylish and FUN would be the words I'd sue to describe their day. Oh and throw in a penguin or two ;) Jennifer and Nate chose the Boston Aquarium to host their day, a unique and entertaining experience for their guests who mingled amongst the fish and penguins during cocktail hour. They were given a beautiful fall day, the perfect weather!! It was a magical day for sure!! Enjoy some of my favorites from their wedding day!!

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Idyllic Fall Family Session at Wright Locke Farm

What can I say about this beautiful family?! I have had the joy of knowing Aubrey for many years now (how is that even possible?) and documenting her growing family year after year. After our session together this year, I went back and looked through the images we've taken together. It has been amazing to watch as her darling baby boy has grown into a sweet kiddo and as they welcomed their beautiful baby girl into the world. For this year's session we met at the idyllic Wright Locke Farm on a beautiful fall morning. We wandered the property as the kids explored to their hearts content. It was a joy to help them celebrate another year together with photography. I'm so grateful for the clients and families who value the importance photography and ask me to help them document the meaningful moments of life together!! Enjoy some of my faves!!

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Fall Wedding in Western Massachusetts

I first met Shannon & Ryan at Lauren and Marshall's wedding last year, so when they contacted me about their September wedding the following year I was thrilled!! It's almost hard to believe that their wedding day has come and gone - and what a day it was!! Shannon chose a palette of pinks and deep blue which fit perfectly for their industrial inspired day. It was a joy to celebrate alongside the happy couple as well as with their family and loved ones. They truly are a beloved couple!! Enjoy some of my favorites from their day!!

Creative Team

Reception : Mill 1 at Open Square

Gown : Allure

Shoes : Mark Fisher

Makeup & Hair : Ochoa Salon & Spa

Catering : Red Roof Catering

Entertainment : Floyd Patterson Band

Rockstar Second Photographer : Laura Widness

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Fall Engagement Session at Crane Beach in Ipswich

Kaitlyn and Doug love being by the water -- a couple after my own heart!! She knew that she wanted her engagement session to have a romantic beachy vibe and gave me the opportunity to suggest a location. Of course I knew the perfect place, our favorite beach, Crane Beach in Ipswich!!

On an unseasonably warm (theme of the fall!) September evening we enjoyed a beautifully quiet session together on the beach. As the sky turned to a soft blue and pink hue Kaitlyn and Doug cuddled together, sand between their toes. It was such a joyful session and I can't wait to celebrate with them come next September when they tie the know!! Enjoy a few of my favorite images!! 

Hybrid Session | 5dMarkIII & EOS-1V | Kodak Portra 400 | Processed by The Find Lab

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Fall Wedding at Misselwood Estate in Beverly, Massachusetts

Michelle & Steve welcomed the day with near perfect weather. While it seems like such a cliche thing to mention, when you live in New England and the weather can turn on a dime, you are ever so thankful when you are greeted with such a beautiful day as this the morning of a wedding. Greeted at the water with a warm breeze, Misselwood Estate provided the perfect location for Michelle & Steve's guests to enjoy this glorious New England fall day. The lawn at Misselwood provided guests with sweeping views of the harbor side as tiny sailboats dotted the horizon. The sun slowly set leaving behind a golden glow that set the feeling for cocktail hour. Paired with all the rose gold details a girl could dream of, this photographer was in heaven!!

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