The Celebration Collection : Anniversary

Anniversaries are some of my favorite sessions to photograph - the still quiet moments of reflection, the celebration of another year and the anticipation of the future ahead. It's a beautiful reminder of the commitment to a life spent together.


What To expect

Your session will last about 1.5 hours and I encourage couples to choose a singular location to maximize our time together. My shooting style is a mix of interactive and discreet. At times I'll help you feel at ease through direction and posing. Other times I will take a more documentarian approach, capturing moments just as they happen with very little interaction.  My approach is simple: tell the beautiful story of your love through romantic and emotive storytelling. I believe in the narrative power of photography and I am passionate about creating timeless images that will serve as your family’s history.

How To Prepare

A few things to consider as you prepare for your time in front of the camera:

  • Clean your rings
  • Schedule a manicure & pedicure
  • Schedule professional hair & makeup appointments
    • I highly encourage ladies to have their hair and makeup professionally done. Hair and makeup stylists know how to enhance your best features, giving you an added boost of confidence in front of the camera.
  • Secure a permit for portrait location if needed
  • Bring a bag of bobby pins, hairspray, hair accessories to secure fly aways. Also feel free to bring layers, shoes and accessories you'd like to have on hand to feel comfortable in between shots.

What To Wear

Soft, light, flowing fabrics will create a sense of movement and add a feeling of romance to your images.



From hair & makeup artists to florists and boutiques, these creative team members can help you effortlessly bring together the details of your session for an unforgettable experience.